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We recently did a Cincinnati Profile Man Club event at The Righteous Room. The event brought in a sophisticated and mature clientele, many of whom were visiting the bar for the first time. The vendors were professional and had products that were interesting and that fit the demographic. It was so successful that we have already scheduled an event in the upcoming months. The investment we made in the event was certainly worth it, considering the marketing reach before the event and the attendance the night of.

Morri McDowell, Marketing Director
Four Entertainment Group

I am very excited about all of the upcoming events surrounding the Cincinnati Profile Man Club events which were extremely successful for me last year for the following reasons:

  1. Allowing me to introduce my executive neckwear line to a predominantly male audience that I would not have reached without your “high end” connections and relationships
  2. Providing tremendous, exclusive venues (restaurants, lounges, upscale clubs, and luxury automobile dealerships)for me to retail  my luxury line of neckwear
  3. Ensuring that the clientele is my target audience

In fact, your event at the Righteous Room last year allowed me get my brand in front of several Fifth Third banking executives, Procter & Gamble Associates, and other financial executives who had not even heard of my line until that evening.  Several of them have since contacted me and made additional purchases at my retail location here in Springdale.

To that end, a well known mutual fund company is considering using my company to gift neckties to their customers for their birthdays!

Again, thank you for your confidence in me and allowing me to participate in your Man Club events.  I look forward to our continued business partnership in 2012!

Corwyn Thomas
Chief Operating Officer
Krimson By Kwame

I have recently been a vendor in a Cincinnati Profile Man Club event. Working for a small company in the Cincinnati area, I have always searched for ways to reach the largest and most specific market possible while staying within my marketing budget. A ‘bang-for-your buck’ kind of philosophy. The Man Club event in which I participated certainly did that. The participants in this event fit the demographic of my customers perfectly; what’s more, they were interested in the product I was selling and even knowledgeable about it. I would estimate about 70% of the Club members I spoke to at the event had never heard of my business, and I was happy to educate them and sign them up for our mailing list. I have since seen many new faces in our store, and have been in contact with a few participants from that event through email. The people from Cincinnati Profile were always professional and answered questions I had quickly and thoroughly. I look forward to more opportunities to work with them, as I hope it will benefit both my company’s image and theirs.


Shannon Depenbrock
Marketing Director, DEPs Fine Wine & Spirits