Verve Fit is a new fitness studio that offers support and community through fun workouts.

Positive changes, inside and out. That’s the focus at Verve Fit, a new Westside fitness studio.

“Verve Fit is a place to exercise that includes friendly staff, education, guidance and tons of fun,” Scott Stevenson, Owner and Manager of Verve Fit, says. Verve Fit has been open since January of 2019. 

Today, Verve Fit has 11 part-time and full-time employees, and the inspiration behind starting Verve Fit came from a passion to see people’s lives changed. “My partners and I have seen how much exercise can impact our lives and we wanted to give the community of Delhi a spot to experience the same,” Stevenson says. “Verve is defined by having vigor, spirit or enthusiasm and that’s what we want our members to feel being apart of our community.“

The gym is different from others because of the way they treat their clients. “From the moment that you walk in, you are treated as a real person and not just a number like so many other big box gyms,” Stevenson says. “We are locally owned and operated and one of our core values is making sure that we are developing strong, real relationships with the members that we serve.”

There are a variety of things that are offered through Verve Fit. The gym provides commercial gym equipment including: treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, free weights, barbells and machines. There are also classes offered and they are: yoga, boot camp, POUND, DanceFIT and FighterFIT. 

Verve Fit wants to make an impact in the community of Cincinnati. 

“Staying in shape and performing some sort of routine exercise is not an option. If you want to live a fulfilling life and one where you have the energy and drive to continually do the things that you love, routine exercise is a requirement,” he says. “There are so many benefits of exercise that I could not list them all. Outside of just the weight you lose and the muscle you gain, daily tasks become easier, you have more energy to play with your kids or your pets, you become more productive and the list goes on. Exercise impacts everything that we do!”

Verve Fit is located at 5031 Delhi Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238. To learn more, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.