Bauer Markt is a German-themed lunch and breakfast restaurant and coffee shop.

Bauer Farm Kitchen, a German-European restaurant on Elm Street, recently announced that it’s opening Bauer Markt, a German-themed lunch and breakfast restaurant and coffee shop.

“Bauer Markt is a modern spin on nostalgic Eastern European favorites,” says Jackson Rouse, Chef at Bauer Farm Kitchen and soon to be opened Bauer Markt. “We’re taking a traditional European deli and refreshing up offerings for breakfast and lunch for the Central Business District audience.” 

The inspiration behind starting the business came from their Bauer Farm Kitchen, the locally sourced, farm-to-table German and European family style restaurant in the lower level of the street-level Bauer Markt. 

“Bauer Markt is a spin on the mother restaurant and will offer deli-style portions for those stopping by on their lunch break and seeking out a caffeine kick before the work day even begins,” Rouse says. “Deli and Markt tend to go hand in hand with meaning the same thing.”

At Bauer Markt, you will be able to find a variety of food and drink options. “Starting as early as 7AM, you can stop by the Markt and take your pick through a menu full of caffeinated morning beverages. From cortados to lattes to drip coffee, we will have a nice spread of beverage offerings to perk up your day,” Rouse says. “Be sure to pick up one of our coffee punch cards so you can rack up those free coffees after a long, hard week on the clock. We will also be serving a long list of tasty sandwiches and deli lunch options at an affordable price.”

The business brings unique flavor to Cincinnati with its German/French style classics into the daytime, Rouse says. “At the same time,  you can expect to experience unique breakfast items, such as smoothie bowls and more,” he adds. “We are representing every tradition that a modern Eastern European deli would bring to the table. Every ingredient we cook in our kitchen is locally sourced with help from our partners.”

The mission and promise of Bauer Markt, Rouse says, is to work with food that is organic and sourced locally. “Historically speaking, Cincinnati is a city that was built off of immigration from dozens of different countries and Bauer Markt is paying homage to the cultural heritage that was brought into this country.”

Bauer Markt is important for the Cincinnati community because it’s the first of its kind in the neighborhood, Rouse says. “Eastern European cuisine has been overlooked, not only not in the Queen City, but on the national stage as well,” he adds.

Bauer Markt will be located at: 435 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. To learn more, visit