Mission2Move helps to improve social and emotional wellbeing, as well as physical health, for students in Cincinnati schools.

Based in Cincinnati, Mission2Move is a nonprofit that strives to improve not just the academic performance of students in the city, but also their social and emotional behavior as well. To achieve this goal, Mission2Move uses movement and mindfulness in in-school and after-school programming through aerobic exercises, neural drills, and mindfulness practices.

“All of this teaches students how a healthy brain begins with a healthy body,” says Mission2Move Founder Sarah Habib.

According to Habib, the inspiration behind Mission2Move came from the expanding movement gap and how less people are getting in recommended exercise amounts.

“Only about one in three students receive the federally recommended 60 minutes of movement per day,” she says. “On average, students only get 15 minutes per week. We aim to close the movement gap and provide an engaging way for students to stay active.”

Mission2Move began its initiative back in 2016, and provided 10,000 minutes of movement to students in that first year. In 2018, Mission2Move is on track to provide more than 100,000 minutes of movement to students and they hope to expand even more in the 2019-2020 school year.

The programs offered by Mission2Move fall into two categories – movement and mindfulness. These two programs show students how they can create both a healthy brain and a healthy body.

“We start our programs by getting students excited about movement, and leading them through a series of aerobic and anaerobic exercises that improve cardiovascular health, balance, and motor skills,” explains Habib. “After students have moved and become active, Mission2Move switches to mindfulness drills, these activities make students aware of how their body is connected to their brain, and how they can use their bodies to manage their emotions.”

Mission2Move ends each program with a Feelings Circle to help students become more comfortable talking about their emotions, and meditation to show students how to be introspective. “These drills come together to keep even Cincinnati’s youngest learners happy and healthy,” adds Habib.

So that her organization can continue to provide to Cincinnati’s youth, Mission2Move was recently awarded a $25,000 grant from the Advocare Foundation to help expand programming and reach more students. “The Advocare Foundation helps students across the country gain access to movement, we are grateful to be a part of their community and bring their mission to students in Cincinnati,” says Habib.

To learn more about Mission2Move, visit mission2move.org. You can also “like” them on Facebook or follow along on Instagram.