HIS Shoes provides personalized services focusing on men’s footwear.

Vinnie Spence is lacing up his many years of experience in men’s fashion retail to take the next step of his career as owner of HIS Shoes.

Spence was a co-owner of a successful men’s clothing store for eight years. His desire has always been to provide personalized services focusing on footwear and to help restore care for certain styling details that has been lost over time. HIS is the product of his vision and experience.

“Emphasis is often given to clothing but nothing compliments and completes a man’s attire more than footwear,” says Spence.

The fashion industry is driven by certain “Big City” markets and as such, trends are often slower to reach regions like the Cincinnati area. The vision of HIS is to make such trends more accessible to the Cincinnati area by offering unique footwear and accessory options to the fashion conscious man.

HIS offers men’s accessories, business casual and dress ready-to-wear footwear, and bespoke footwear with custom design options. Custom shoe design requires an appointment for a private consultation which includes foot measurement and design session. HIS also offers appointments for personal styling services, private parties, and concierge services.

According to Spence, HIS offers unique styles not commonly found in the Cincinnati area and as a boutique, they stock only small quantities and custom orders to help ensure exclusivity. Additionally, HIS Shoes is Cincinnati’s first retailer of bespoke shoes. 

Like a perfectly tailored suit, Spence says, bespoke shoes are custom fitted footwear. HIS bespoke shoes are entirely crafted by expert Italian shoemakers, sewn, and painted by hand. HIS also offers custom bespoke designing for an even more personal style.

In addition to their invitation-only preview show, HIS will be opening a showroom this fall. They will also begin hosting “pop-up” trunk shows in the Tri-State area.

HIS Shoes is currently an online store that also provides on-site services.

To learn more about HIS, visit www.hisshoesboutique.com and join their mailing list. To learn about upcoming events and promotions visit them on Instagram or Facebook.