Hamilton, The Musical, is still popular.

Every year my favorite article to write is the gift ideas article. While I’m adamantly opposed to the cold weather that occurs every winter here in the ‘Queen City,’ I’m adamantly in favor of the way we celebrate the holidays. From the Holiday Pops, to the Antique Christmas display at the Taft Museum, to the PNC Festival of Lights at the zoo I love it all!

This isn’t that article. The gift ideas article is next month.

So why lead with that, you ask?

In the years that I’ve been writing for Profile I’ve learned things that are in style at the end of the year almost always spawn some of the season’s best and most unique gifts. This year I decided to use this month’s style article as a bit of teaser for next month’s gift ideas.

Without further ado…


Horror is hot.

I know this sounds weird. But the hottest thing in film right now are horror flicks. They aren’t just for Halloween anymore. Right now people are dying to be scared-pardon the pun. Two of the Top 20 best grossing movies of 2018 are “The Nun” and “A Quiet Place”. “A Quiet Place” may even be the rare horror/thriller that gets nominated for an Oscar. The reboot of the classic horror film, “Halloween”, has dominated the last two weeks of the box office.

Rise of the little guy.

Small budget films are hotter than ever. This is largely due to what is being dubbed ‘the Netflix revolution.’ With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon having now become commonplace in our entertainment society, small budget films have an avenue to get traction that they’ve never had before.

Netflix has invested close to 13 billion in original content, with a decent chunk of that on original film. That has opened the floodgates for smaller budgets and more original ideas.


History is still the king.

The story of Alexander Hamilton is still the beast on Broadway. Hamilton the musical is still the hottest-and hardest-ticket to get anywhere. Whether you are in New York City or waiting for it to come to Cincinnati in 2019, getting a ticket is pretty much impossible.

Joining the history theme this year is the successful musical, “Come From Away”. It’s the true story of a small town in Newfoundland that played host to not one, not two, not three, but 38 planes full of people that were force grounded on 9/11. Without regard to cultural or racial differences, the people of Gander, Newfoundland invited the strangers in and played music, provided and open bar, places to sleep, and basically turned their town into the largest bed & breakfast in the world at that moment.

Female stories are at the forefront.

I’m not talking about the #MeToo movement. It’s more that women characters are taking the lead more than ever on the ‘Great White Way’. Waitress, The Prom, Wicked, Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, Anastasia, and many more are all currently drawing big interest in New York City.

And whatever starts in New York City eventually goes on tour and comes to our fair city shortly thereafter.


Flat is cool.

There are many stories being done about the amazing uses and products that are created for 3D printers these days. But when it comes to the art world, 2D is all the rage at the moment.

I’m not speaking of the traditional paintings with the gaudy gold frames that your grandmother had all over her house. But rather, more people than ever are taking mixed media and graphic design to come up with unexpected landscapes and collages.

It leads to things like this…and this…and this.


This category I’m keeping a secret. There are so many trends in music, depending on the genre, that it would take up a whole article unto itself.

Plus, I don’t want to give away everything for next month!

Until next time, gentlemen…