Playhouse at the Park Associate Artist Timothy Douglas, MR. JOY Director Nicole A. Watson and Artistic Director Blake Robison.

Gentlemen, if you or a loved one has a passion for an artistic endeavor but thinks that the time has passed them by, think again. As the old saying goes, “You’re only as old as you feel”.

I have chronicled on many occasions the vibrant arts scene we are blessed with here in Cincinnati. Along with a vibrant arts scene comes talented artists who are more than happy to share their talents and their artistry with other who share their passion.

Below are just a few of the great places in this city that will be more than happy to provide the education you need to finally turn that artistic passion into something more.


If you find yourself going to one of the many wonderful live shows in town and thinking to yourself that you’d love to be onstage giving it a whirl, there are plenty of classes for you to get started.

We are blessed to have a world-renowned theater in our city. And yes, Playhouse in Park offers adult workshops in all types of theater disciplines, including acting. Their current workshop on September 22 has more of a playwrighting slant to it. So, if you’ve wanted to be a writer be sure and jump in on that.

However, many of their adult workshops are tailored to the discipline of acting. And they are usually in conjunction with the production playing at that time. You could end up being taught by one of the actors you just watched perform!


If want to take your iPhone game to the next level, there are plenty of places that can help you do that. And if you want to get even more serious and start learning how to use professional photography equipment, the ‘Queen City’ has you covered there too.

Many camera shops here in town also offer classes and workshops on how to use that new camera you just purchased. Some even offer them free with the purchase of the equipment.

But if you want to learn about ALL the in’s and out’s of this artform you’ll probably want to consider something a little more in-depth.

Hartong Digital Media has photo workshops on all things media. From how to use all the iPhone photo features to properly working in a lightroom. Taught by Malinda Hartong, a 20-year professional photojournalist who has had her work printed in The Times of London and The Guardian, she and her award-winning husband Glenn can put you on the fast track to have your walls filled with professional quality work done by YOU.


Sculpture has always been one of the more fascinating artforms to me personally. Possibly because I’m terrible at working with my hands. And literally any object can become a piece of art in a skilled sculptor’s hand.

Two of the most popular medium to work with are clay and glass. And we are fortunate to have two places that specialize in each.

First up is Queen City Clay. If you want to get your inner Ghost on, this is your place. They offer adult classes in everything from the basics (where you most likely will sculpt a bowl) all the way to advanced wheel and sculpture techniques (where you could learn to make a bust of someone famous like the lady in Lionel Richie’s “Hello” video).

If wanting to learn to work with something a little less flimsy than clay is your thing, hit Brazee Street Studios.

Brazee Street specializes in all things glass. You can take classes and learn how to make beaded glass bracelets, glass dinnerware, and glass tapestries. If you are past beginning stages and want to kick it to the next level, their artists can help teach you to craft stained glass, advanced cutting techniques, and they even have blown glass artists as well.

You may notice gentlemen that I have omitted music in this education column. It was not an oversight. It was intentional.

Where you can go to learn to play the instrument of your choice, or learn to write music, or brush up on your music theory, or even learn to sing any number of styles of music is extremely long. In fact, it would take up a column all by itself.

So, I’m saving that for a later time.

Your never too old to follow your passion. And now you have several places to start.

Until next time gentlemen…