PLUS Cincinnati aims to bring people together for networking happy hours and coffee.

Tired of seeing the same faces at networking events? This is where PLUS Cincinnati can help. 

PLUS is networking organization that brings different people together to meet one another and network. They created a different kind of meet up: one that encompasses happy hour or coffee with a networking opportunity for your business, and for your social life. It is a chance to meet someone you would have never crossed paths with otherwise. In the past, they have held many events that bring together people such as lawyers and artists, illustrators and engineers, and business managers and chefs.

“We started out by having about 20-30 people at our first event and then once our Artists and Philanthropist event hit we started having over 100 people at each event,” says Adam Henry, co-owner of PLUS Cincinnati, along with his colleague John Carrico

Henry and Carrico are also co-owners of a commercial advertising photo studio downtown called Alias Imaging. Through this company, Henry and Carrico have discovered how to reach out to different groups of people just through those in their circle who happen to have jobs in different fields. 

“As part of our job, we have to network with a lot of different ad agencies and a lot of people come to us looking for work, so in this circle of lawyers, artists, and designers, etc. is where we find groups of individuals yearning for something different. This is where we got the idea to start putting on these events and to further evolve PLUS,” adds Carrico

It is truly an organization geared towards bringing new perspectives to different groups of people. Although Henry and Carrico are the main contributors to these ideas, they gain insight into their next events by talking with friends in their circle.

“We would talk to different lawyers, for example, who work for really big agencies, and we would agree to designing, planning, and networking the event, while our friends would really be the ones to bring their colleagues and companions with them to these events. In that sense, we do work with others to truly make these evenings a success,” says Henry.

Each event is uniquely different and is catered more towards a meet and greet style of evening, or happy hour. Each individual can come and go as they please, while also being able to really connect and share ideas with others in different fields. 

This organization has gotten way better feedback that I thought it would. I do hope it continues this way and, who knows? One day we may become a full-fledged company, but right now we’re just letting people come together, and trying to put together two different groups of people each time that wouldn’t normally meet on a normal basis,” adds Carrico

PLUS is here to add to your life, whether it be professionally or personally, Carrico says. 

To learn more about PLUS, or to view their upcoming events, visit their Facebook page.