Bourbon Cousins designs bourbon-themed products for bourbon lovers.

Bourbon Cousins designs original bourbon-themed patterns and products for bourbon enthusiasts everywhere. In March of 2018, Bourbon Cousins debuted with a line of bourbon bow ties & neckties. Bourbon Cousins’ line of ties has really captured the attention of bourbon lovers everywhere. They will have ladies’ scarves and a few more products that will be ready in the fall.

Pam Houston and Claudia Sandman, the co-founders of Bourbon Cousins, set out to match the consumers’ growing enthusiasm for bourbon by designing original, bourbon-themed patterns, which are ultimately made into products for the marketplace. 

“Our region’s love of bourbon has grown into an impressive global love affair,” says Sandman, “As cousins raised in Kentucky, we take much pride in the state’s rich bourbon heritage.”

Sandman and Houston are designing cousins who share a studio, a love of bourbon, and the sweet love of their now 101-year old grandmother. Bourbon Cousins rose out of a love of both family and creativity, two essential fibers that fold both inspiration and authenticity into daily work life.

In addition to the bourbon-themed products they offer, Bourbon Cousins also collaborates on custom design projects with distilleries and event support for large groups looking to host bourbon-themed fundraisers. Bourbon Cousins modern and refined design style highlight recognizable bourbon bottles and the iconic copper pot still. 

Bourbon Cousins operate out of warehouse-studio space located in the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine. Products are sold to consumers on the website and sold wholesale to independent retailers.