Ryan Patrick (left), Owner of Peak Fitness

Everyone has their own unique peak of optimal health and wellness. Peak Fitness is here to help you reach it, according to president Ryan Patrick.

Peak Fitness provides “coaching in fitness, nutrition and physical preparation,” says Patrick. The facility has been around for a total of eight years and is located in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, with a total of five people who work for the business. 

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a belief that everyone needs to grow and expand to thrive. “We will approach it from a physical development standpoint,” Patrick explains, adding that the name, Peak Fitness, came from a “mission to maximize every human’s potential.”

There’s a wide variety of coaching services offered through Peak Fitness, and they are: personal training, physical preparation (athletic development for speed, strength and stamina), and nutrition coaching (integrating nutrition into real, chaotic lives), according to Patrick.

Peak Fitness defines healthy by having balance in your life. “Health is more than how much weight is on the bar or what vegetables are on your plate. It’s about balance of fitness and nutrition, relationships, finances and spirituality of faith,” Patrick says. “Someone lacking in one or more areas can have problems in all domains because of it.” 

They work with a variety of different people, including ones under stress, without proper recovery strategies or connection with their loved ones who struggle to maintain health, Patrick explains. “Same goes for someone making poor financial or fitness choices,” he says. “These are all integrated and woven into our entire being.”

For the business, success is seeing their clients reach their goals. “But we differentiate fulfillment from success. I have seen many successful people in weight loss challenges still feel unhappy. Our objective is to help people get on a path to continuous improvement while still practicing gratitude and contentment,” Patrick says. “This is a huge challenge because many of us are wired to ‘compare and despair.’”

Peak Fitness is a unique facility because they coach with a purpose. “Execution is extremely important to us because the details matter,” he says. “But we’re also willing to take time to develop people and ask questions that inspire them to grow and expand.”

Peak Fitness is a community between its members and staff. “We have great members we call our PeakFAST fam. They support and challenge each other,” Patrick says. “Despite a rag tag group of men and women at various fitness levels, they all share the core values to continuously improve themselves.”

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