Brothers Tony and Austin Ferrari opened Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co. in downtown Cincinnati.

Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co. on Garfield Place is one of the oldest barber shops around, but its new concept is creating quite a buzz. 

Owner Tony Ferrari took over the space from his great uncle and grandfather, who came to Cincinnati from Italy. “When they came to this country, it was their first job and they bought it from the original owned and continued it for 60 years,” explains Ferrari. “For them, it was the American Dream and a way to provide for our family.”

Ferrari’s grandfather passed away a few years ago, and his great uncle Fausto retired. That’s when he and his brother Austin felt that it was their responsibility to keep the family shop, legacy, and tradition going.

“We couldn’t bear the thought of not being there anymore,” adds Ferrari.

Ferrari and his brother cleaned the place up and added an espresso bar, making Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co. what it is today: a men’s salon equipped with an espresso bar.

To keep their family’s legacy alive at the shop, Ferrari and his brother are keen on preserving the craft of barbering. “It’s one of the oldest professions around and it’s important for us and generations after us to respect these professions and their family’s history, and try to embrace is rather than forget it,” says Ferrari. “We also love coffee and hanging out at places to meet new people, so what better place than a barber shop?”

The barbershop also features an espresso bar for clients and passersby.

The two say they have too many people at the shop to give it up, and they also take pride in giving others the opportunity to become successful. “Leasing out the chairs to barber to showcase their craft, style, and name means so much to us, it’s about giving back and building community,” Ferrari says.

Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co. prides itself on providing service, hospitality, and helping people look and feel good – and that’s really what it’s all about at the shop: taking care of people.

At Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co., you can find traditional barber services including hot towel shaves, trims, beard shaves and cuts. Ferrari adds that they also hope to bring back neck massages after a cut. “It’s an amazing touch and puts you to sleep,” he says.

Then, over at the espresso bar, you’ll find that things are pretty traditional there as well. There’s espresso, cappuccino, latte, americano, and a Gilbraltar, which Ferrari describes as something similar to a cortado, a tough to find sanbitter, which is a red bitter Italian soda. And the coffee in the shop is roasted by Deeper Roots.

According to Ferrari, they also have a small line of retail goods including cups, hats, coffee to take home, postcards, and barber books, with a line of barber products on the horizon as well.

Ferrari says that many people are still figuring out the concept of coffee inside a barber shop. “Everyone is welcome into our shop for coffee,” he adds, “and we hope more people pick-up and embrace this new idea and concept, it really goes hand-in-hand.”

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