The Annual Keeneland Concours d’Elegance (Photo 1) is less than a month away, taking place over the weekend of July 19-22. Like the Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance, there are events throughout the weekend but the big event is the show itself which is held on Saturday, July 21 on the grounds outside of the Keeneland Race Track.

First held in 2004, the Keeneland Concours has quickly become one of the most anticipated concours events in this part of the country. From the beginning the event was held to raise money for Kentucky Children’s Hospital, the only facility in central and eastern Kentucky with a Level IV neonatal intensive care unit. It is also the only one with a pediatric intensive care unit, a pediatric and neonatal transport team and also features more than 30 advanced pediatric programs.

This year’s feature marquee will be BMW (Photo 2), highlighting the cars of this famed German manufacturer. With a solid reputation in road cars (Photo 3) and a tradition in both racing (Photo 4) and motorcycles, all BMW will be on display in various classes.

In addition to the standard concours classes ranging from Antiques (Photo 5) and Vintage (Photo 6) vehicles to the performance era (Photo 7) and even future classics (Photo 8), Keeneland will also offer a class for Full Classics (Photo 9) as certified by the Classic Car Club of America. This is a very special and highly selective group of automobiles.

Keeneland is also holding a special class for Ford Retractable (Photo 10), Electric Cars (Photo 11), and their always fascinating, and very apt, Carriages (Photo 12). There is also a huge Car Club Paddock which is essentially another massive show all in itself. Car clubs park outside the official show grounds in order to present their cars (Photo 13). This is open to all patrons who attend the Concours.

More information and advanced tickets can be found on their website. It is worth the trip down I-75 to enjoy this great day of automobile history.

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