Village Green Farmers Market in Fairfield is entering its third summer season.

Village Green Farmers Market in Fairfield, Ohio, is bringing food, and a sense of community, to the area. 

“Our market was created to provide a place for our residents to acquire fresh, local foods and goods made close to home, as well as to put them in touch with local farmers and artisans,” says Kari Russo, Farmers Market Manager. “Of course, we also did this to create a space for friends and neighbors to gather, have fun and learn about fresh foods and wellness.” 

The farmers market is about to enter its third summer season, from May 30-October 17, every Wednesday from 4-7pm. The market is located inside Village Green Park  at: 301 Wessel Drive, Fairfield, Ohio, between the Fairfield Community Arts Center and the Fairfield Lane Library.

The inspiration for starting Village Green Farmers Market came from seeing an opportunity to provide for the community of Fairfield. “We are a “Make It, Bake It, Grow It” market model-there are no resellers at our market,” Russo says. “This really gives these local food producers and artisans a place to shine, and our residents a place to gather and make connections.”

At the farmers market for opening day, there are going to be 18 booths, including four farmers and fiver artisans. These vendors sell everything from soups to homemade dog items. “You’ll have to come check them out to see them all,” she says. Also, they are focusing on partnering with the community, such as Butler County Metro Parks, Fairfield Lane Library, and other organizations to provide educational opportunities.

Village Green Farmers Market is going to be unique because there’s going to be fitness classes available, including Tai Chi. 

Also, they are partnering with Butler Tech’s Culinary Institute “to showcase how residents can use the produce available at the market- they’ll be using market produce to create a unique recipe, with samples,” Russo says. “That is very unique. It’s important that we help our residents build relationships with our market vendors and I see this as a great way to help someone try something they may not have before.” 

There will also be wine samples, bottles to enjoy at home, and tips for dinner. 

The market will provide a great place of community and diversity. “The Fairfield Village Green Farmers Market gives a place for you to meet up with neighbors and friends, or meet new ones, for families to spend time unplugged together, and to celebrate and connect with the local farmers who are here to provide fresh foods-some even harvested, baked or created that day,” she says. “It’s a great way to augment your weekly menu, by adding a few locally grown, healthy items. Farmers markets, in general, are great for the local economy, to help those regional food providers and artisans to keep doing what they’re doing, and I’m excited that we offer the opportunity for the residents to make all those connections-neighbors, friends, family, farmers and artisans.”

The success of the market will be defined by the residents, Russo says. “My vision of success is two-fold: The feedback from our residents will be visible when the “green” is full of people enjoying the fitness classes, talking and working with farmers and artisans, and commenting that it was a valuable experience for them and their families that they don’t want to miss week after week. The second is the success of our partnering vendors-where they have good sales as a result of our efforts, that is success.”

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