Rosedale OTR is hosting a pop-up restaurant at MORTAR Mess Hall.

Rosedale, a bar located in OTR, and MORTAR, an entrepreneur-focused business development service in Cincinnati, are partnering for a new concept: MORTAR Mess Hall. 

According to Cameron Woodruff, 4EG Marketing Director, “MORTAR Mess Hall is a partnership between Rosedale, a local OTR bar, and MORTAR, a Cincinnati entrepreneurship hub. Rosedale’s newly launched outdoor kitchen serves as an incubator for budding food operators and graduates of MORTAR’s entrepreneurship program. The kitchen space presents them with an opportunity to hone their craft and business in front of a captive and hungry audience.” 

This builds on MORTAR’s commitment to strengthen the community by supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses. “MORTAR’s mission is ‘to enable under-served entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed; creating opportunities to build communities through entrepreneurship,’” she explains. “As such, when looking for an operator to fill the kitchen space at Rosedale, MORTAR became the obvious and ideal partnership.”

Derrick Braziel, MORTAR Managing Director, talks about the inspiration behind MORTAR Mess Hall: “The inspiration came from Rosedale’s predecessor, Neon’s.  Neon’s had a constant influx of food businesses that would patronize the bar during the week.  Once Rosedale was announced, we hoped that 4EG would give MORTAR graduates the opportunities to grow their businesses versus using another vendor or providing food in-house. Luckily, Bob Deck and 4EG supported our vision and here we are.” 

According to Braziel, the schedule for MORTAR Mess Hall is:

Monday, April 2nd: Opening Day, Grand Opening – Vy’s Mahope,12-8pm

Wednesday, April 4th Canita Alexander, Paityn’s Place, through fall, 4-10pm 

Thursday, April 5th Canita Alexander, Paityn’s Place, through fall, 4-10pm

Friday, April 6th – Sunday, April 8th, through fall opens at 4pm

There are many different menu options at MORTAR Mess Hall: “Paityn’s Place, operated by Canita Alexander, features classic soul food offerings, like mac & cheese, loaded nachos, and sliders,” says Woodruff. “Mahope, operated by Vy Sok, features Cambodian cuisine. Wings, tacos, egg rolls, and an award-winning cheesecake taco will be offered regularly in addition to rotating daily features.”

MORTAR Mess Hall offers more to do than just enjoy the food. “The outdoor patio that MORTAR Mess Hall occupies features restored bocce ball courts, ample seating, an outdoor full-service bar, fire pits, and a variety of patio games. The patio is also dog-friendly,” says Woodruff. 

The partnership between Rosedale and MORTAR Mess Hall is a start of new possibilities in OTR. “This partnership presents an opportunity to show communities like OTR what’s possible,” says Braziel. 

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