Pilot Movies predicts how well a movie will do at the box office.

Whether you are looking to invest a little (or a lot) of cash in one of the next big things in startups, or you just like being one of the first in your group of friends to try something new, the entertainment industry is not unlike any other industry. They have plenty of startup companies for you to entertain yourself (pardon the pun).

Here are just a few that you find interesting as we head further into 2018.

ScriptBook and Pilot Movies: Both of these companies attempt to accomplish the same thing. They each of developed strong algorithm’s that analyze a variety of factors such as scripts (compared to similar ones from already produced films), IMDB ratings, movie trailers, etc. to pre-determine how an as-yet unproduced script might fare at the box office.

Both of these companies are obviously more geared toward the investors out there. Or if you happen to be in the industry itself, either of these might come in quite handy.

So far, ScriptBook took in 1.2 million in seed money for 2016. No word on what they needed for last year. While Pilot Movies has not published what their seed or angel money has been.

Hooked: If you like stories but have the attention span of a gnat then this is the app for you. Hooked takes full-length stories and turns them into bite-sized messages that can be easily absorbed in mere minutes. Something interesting to do while waiting in line at the grocery check-out line.

In addition to raising some serious seed capital so far ($3 million), it has also now engaged with Warner Bros. in an effort to create unique new content, as well as identify new writers for the future of entertainment.

Gametime: You may have already begun to see commercials for these guys. So their days as a classified “startup” are just about done. But that’s what happens when you raise over $33 million in investment money and then have serious success with your launch. They are the fastest ticket-related company to ever reach $50 million in gross sales.

Gametime has become the Amazon of events and sports tickets as it is out to completely disrupt the industry. And it’s working! It allows you to find last minute unused tickets to entertainment and sporting events through their mobile application. It is a faster, less sketchy ticket reseller.

Notice I didn’t say less expensive? They part ways with Amazon in that respect. They don’t guarantee that you’ll get tickets for less than market value. So that part is on you, the consumer, to pay attention.

Discord: Gaming isn’t usually thought of as entertainment. But it has indeed become that. They have their own leagues which rival the NBA. Their elite players get paid like athletes. And they draw arena-sized crowds.

For those still gaming in their homes, they like to trash talk like any other sporting/entertainment event. Until now, they’ve had to use multiple platforms (Skype, messaging services, etc.) in order to do so while playing.

Discord has changed all that.

Their platform has multiple ways of communicating with other gamers during the action. From video, to text messaging, to plain old voice communication, Discord allows it all in one platform.

It also has taken long for the gaming world to catch one either. Since launching in 2015, they have grown to 25 million registered users who are sending over 100 million messages per day.

That ain’t shabby.

Whether you gentlemen are looking to invest, or you just like trash talking while crushing your opponent during a game of Call of Duty, there is a little something for all of you when it comes to startups in the entertainment world.

Until next time gentlemen…