Fuel The Sole takes you on a two-hour tour of the city full of exercise and beautiful views.

Grace Goldman and Whitney Mueller are both former personal trainers. During this time in their careers, they found that they were working very early mornings and really late nights.

“We would never get to see our friends or family, and had a hard time balancing different aspects of our lives,” explains Goldman.

A desire to spend more time with friends and family inspired them to launch Fuel The Sole, which hosts running and walking tours around different neighborhoods within the Queen city.

“We incorporate body weight exercises and circuit training within those runs or walks,” says Goldman. “Not only do you get a workout while ‘fueling your sole,’ you get to experience beautiful views of our city.”

The goal behind it all is to help not only create a more balanced life for Goldman and Mueller, but to help create that same balance for family, friends and clients.

Goldman says the duo decided to make Fuel The Sole a “tour” of Cincinnati because there’s so much to see and do that not everyone gets to experience what the city has to offer on a weekly basis.

“The history and architecture is amazing,” says Goldman. “Over-the-Rhine and Cincinnati in general is booming with new places to eat, and the brewery scene is fantastic if you are a person who likes beer. It’s a great opportunity to get a workout in, spend time with friends, and get to know the city of Cincinnati better.”

There are different run routes for Fuel The Sole, which Goldman says were created to make everyone feel welcome, not just hardcore athletes. The options include:

  • The Social: Our scenic 3.0 mile walks throughout the historic Queen City will put beginners at ease. We want to have an option for people who aren’t into running, but still want to see the city on foot with friends, family, or co-workers. The Social is the perfect option for them!
  • The Feat: This is for those looking for a leisurely run that will push your heart rate without pushing you to the max. Visit some of the best sights and attractions our city has to offer with friends, family, or co-workers along this nearly 3.0 mile run.
  • The Triumph: We’ll push you to your limit with this 5-mile run. This is a more of a high endurance run for advanced runners. There are more than enough sites along the way to keep you energized and feeling great while also getting in a really invigorating and athletic run.

Each public run is $29 per person, and private runs for a group of up to 12 people are $288 for the entire group. Goldman says that the private runs are a good option for bachelorette parties, get-togethers with family, a co-worker experience, or fun with friends who are all training for some kind of sport or race.

Grace Goldman and Whitney Mueller enjoying the “other” side of Fuel The Sole.

The runs with Fuel The Sole are 2 hours long and include a 45-75 minute workout, including at least two HIITs, an appetizer from one of the city’s most popular cafes, bars, or restaurants, and a Fuel The Sole koozie.

Goldman says there are a few things just around the corner for Fuel The Sole. They’re currently offering a Valentine’s Day Special that includes a buy-one-get-one half off public tour that must be purchased by February 18. She says they’ll also be a Bockfest on March 3 handing out brochures and other fun stuff. They’ll also be at upcoming races including the Heart Mini on March 18 (and you can even join Team Fuel The Sole, the Little Kings Mile on May 4, and the Flying Pig Marathon on May 6.

To learn more about Fuel The Sole, visit https://www.fuelthesole.com/.