Gains by Giving is a program from the Cincinnati BBB’s Center for Ethics that connects local companies with nonprofit organizations.

Cincinnati Profile: Tell us about the BBB Center for Ethics’ newly launched Gain by Giving program!
Corrie McGlothlin, Director of BBB Center for Ethics: Gain by Giving connects companies with excess resources, time or materials with area nonprofits who could use the items they have. The program is part of BBB Center for Ethics as a way to create a more collaborative community and bring organizational leaders together. It is open to Accredited Businesses and Accredited Charities in the Greater Cincinnati area. Additionally, the contribution provided by the business does not necessarily have to be entirely free. It could be a discounted service depending on the need of the nonprofit.

Cincinnati Profile: What inspired the program?
McGlothlin: Our staff noticed there were several natural connections happening between businesses and charities through our annual Torch Awards event.

Aaron Stapleton CEO of Queen City Homecare is one example. Stapleton struck up a conversation with the chair of the board of the OTR Soup Kitchen at the 2015 Torch Awards. It became clear to both of them that there was a fit to work together. Here’s a quote from Stapleton on the program:

“We both had the same drive to help those in need in the best way possible. We have been working the soup kitchen every other month since then. It has been a great addition to our outreach in the community and has helped us reach a portion of the community we otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. It also has given our employees the ability to help those less fortunate than us, and became a little closer in doing so.”

Cincinnati Profile: How do you determine who becomes a beneficiary of the program?
McGlothlin: Trust is a key factor in these relationships. Businesses know that helping an Accredited Charity means that the organization has met BBB’s Standards for Charity Accountability. A charity trusts that our Accredited businesses have met BBB’s Code of Business Practices.

Cincinnati Profile: Who’s behind the program?
McGlothlin: I’m behind the program as well as Corinne Siebel, Charity Accreditation Specialist.

We are extremely passionate about this program and strongly believe it showcases how philanthropic the Greater Cincinnati area is. We are grateful to have some of the most caring people and civic-minded businesses. Our local charities do amazing work to make our community stronger and a better place.

Cincinnati Profile: How do you hope to create community through the program?
McGlothlin: Many business owners have told BBB Center for Ethics that they are looking for new ways to give back. Some companies have extra materials left over from a construction job and they don’t want to throw it away. There are others who want to offer a free service or a group who may simply want to volunteer more but they don’t know where the help is needed the most. That’s where we come in. We do the asking!

Gain By Giving helps businesses find a good home for materials, volunteers, or services. We’re creating community in the purest sense of the word. Not every donation is expected to be 100 percent free. The focus of the program is connecting companies and charities. Doing this strengthens our community, creates important networking opportunities, builds brand awareness, creates a positive image, helps create loyal customers and an internal morale booster. Businesses that are firmly rooted in their communities are good corporate citizens. This can only have a positive effect on the community.

Cincinnati Profile: How many companies and nonprofits have been part of the program so far?
McGlothlin: Since the program started, seven companies have offered services such as roofing, professional training, gift certificates and office furniture. 11 charities have stated they have needs to be fulfilled such as site beautification, volunteers, electrical work, painting, shelving, and decking.

Cincinnati Profile: Can you share some success stories with us?
McGlothlin: Since the program launched in October, we’ve successfully fulfilled three needs.

  • New World Painting in Hamilton provided free painting services to the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commision

  • Basement Doctor of Cincinnati donated cubicles and desks to a BBB Accredited Charity.

  • BBB fulfilled a request for caroling over the holidays at Abilities First located in Middletown.

We certainly look forward to helping more Accredited Businesses and Accredited Charities connect through our Gain By Giving program. Contact us today.

Cincinnati Profile: How can others get involved in the program?
McGlothlin: Accredited Businesses and Accredited Charities within our 20 county area are invited to become involved by going to and completing the online form. There is a separate form for businesses who can offer volunteers, materials, time or a service. Then, there is a separate form for charities who have operational needs such as painting, plumbing, roof, windows, desks, etc.

Cincinnati Profile: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along with the program?
McGlothlin: Readers, business owners, and charity organizations can visit