Located in the heart of Cincinnati’s Central Business District, Aster on Fourth is a Social Sippery that elevates the idea of a cocktail bar.

According to General Manager Zach Shumate, Aster is a place for “friends and family to gather and enjoy drinks with as much character as the conversation.”

Aster is owned by Sandra Gross and Dr. John Hutton, who have a team comprised of Executive Chef and Partner Frances Kroner, Executive Sous Chef Emma Cotter, General Manager Zachary Shumate, and Beverage Director Giacomo Ciminello.

Shumate says Executive Chef Frances Kroner wanted to create a cocktail bar that was different, so the menu at Aster is just that – different.

“Chef Kroner curated a variety of herbaceous infusions and adaptogens for Giacomo Ciminello to use for his list of cocktails that reflect the color and power of nature,” says Shumate. “The list includes options for both indulgence and health.”

The menu is always changing, but Shumate says that guests can always find succinct menus of tapas style snacks and shareable dishes that go well with the bar’s drinks.

Not only does an ever-changing menu help make Aster a unique stop in the Central Business District but the bar is in a building that is more than 100-years-old. As a result, the team designed the space to highlight as much of that history and character as possible. “We also designed a menu that might not make you feel so guilty in the morning,” he adds. “Our infusions involve many herbs with medicinal properties, and we try to limit our wine to natural and organic selections.”

Shumate says that the bar is looking forward to expanding its food and beverage menu and also welcoming new neighbors!

Aster on Fourth is located at 8 East 4th Street in Cincinnati. You can learn more about Aster on Fourth at https://www.asteronfourth.com/ or by following along on Facebook and Instagram.