Patrick Williams launched Wicklow Wear after being inspired by a backpacking trip with his brother. His then idea now has grown into a business that sells hats, tees, sweatshirts, performance gear, and other outdoor necessities. 

Williams shares that the company was named after the Wicklow Mountains located in Ireland. These same mountains are where him and his fiancé recently got engaged. 

His company is unique to the business because Williams addressed the need for an affordable outdoor brand due to the high prices within the industry.  

After familiarizing myself with and purchasing several different outdoor brands, I soon realized the price for a fashionable hat or tee was too expensive,” Williams says. 

Since leaving the corporate world, he had to get acquainted with how to have his own business and an entrepreneurWilliams put a lot of work into the starting of his company. He shares that hecontacted wholesalers himself, went to vendors and designed the Wicklow Wear’s website. 

Williams hopes his story helps other new entrepreneurs to not give up. “To any aspiring small business owner, I would say don’t be afraid to chase your dreams and be very persistent in making those dreams a reality, William says. 

Williams company slogan, “Be Free and Explore,” was an important part of developing his business. “Every company needs a good tag line,” says Williams. His tag line remaining the same since the businesses’ beginning in December 2014. 

‘Be Free and Explore’ has been a way of life for me ever since I left my corporate job and started Wicklow Wear. It truly has been remarkable to see a small idea grow organically to where we are fulfilling orders worldwide,” says Williams.  

Williams has had help along the way turning his idea into a thriving business. His now finance, Maggie Deremo, has overseen Wicklow Wear’s social media and Williams says that due to her hard work his company has reached people worldwide. 

There’s even a section on Wicklow Wear’s website titled, “Being Free,” where one can go and see people all over the world wearing their products with the option to “Pin It.” 

If interested in shopping or looking at any of their products, check out Wicklow Wear’s websiteWicklow Wear even has a section for sales and items under $15 on the top tab.