Ginny and Charlie Tonic, hosts of the podcast the Charlie Tonic Hour.

Ginny Tonic and her husband Charlie are passionate about exploring the world of food and alcohol. In an industry that can be both unexpected and delightful, the two use their podcast, Charlie Tonic Hour, in an effort to bring people close to the people, places, history, culture, and science that create the food and drinks everyone knows and loves.

“Charlie Tonic Hour is dedicated to the wonderful world of events, eating, and especially drinking, in and around Cincinnati,” says Ginny Tonic, co-host of the podcast. “Every week we make recommendations for things to do, review a drink for you to order over the weekend, and explore some aspect of drinking culture in Cincinnati.”

When it comes to her role in the podcast, Tonic says that she’s the co-host and is in charge of reviewing and making the drinks. As for her husband, Charlie, she laughs and says that he likes to describe himself as her alcohol crash-test dummy.

Since the drinking culture in Cincinnati is so prevalent, with tons of breweries, distilleries, and more in the Greater Cincinnati region, Tonic and her husband wanted to create an informational podcast for food and alcohol lovers in the city.

But being informational isn’t the only thing the Charlie Tonic Hour has to offer. “Our personalities really come through on our show,” says Tonic. “We want listening to the show to be like hanging out with friends.”

The Charlie Tonic Hour has chatted with its fair share of those who have a mutual love for food and alcohol. “I love getting to talk to other people who are as excited as I am about cocktails and creativity,” says Tonic. “We’ve interviewed everyone from the best-selling spirits writer David Wondrich to local legend Molly Wellmann.”

Tonic says that the Charlie Tonic Hour recently started releasing their drinks segment as a stand-alone podcast called Bottom’s Up with Ginny and Charlie.

Tonic is also setting out on a solo adventure, too. “On November 1 I am launching a new inspirational podcast called Remeasured Life,” she adds. “This podcast is not alcohol-related. Instead, each episode I will interview someone who has had to make drastic changes to their life and have come out better for it.”

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