Photo: Not on the High Street

As I wrote recently, last month’s installment centered around education is always the toughest for me to write as the entertainment editor. This is largely because entertainment is, well, exactly that: Designed to entertain, not educate. Though there is always cross-over.

But this month’s installment is always one of the easiest, and most fun, to pen.

As I do every year, I’m here to provide some unique gifts for that music, movie, or theater-lover in your life. We will forego the obvious gifts like CDs, MP3s, posters, tickets, gift cards, etc. This is about going in a different, but no-less exciting direction for your gift-giving.

The Music Lovers

Cymbal Art: If your music lover happens to have a studio, or any other music-only devoted space, they’ll need to decorate it somehow, right? I don’t mean the empty adult beverage cans and Doritos bag kind of decorating either. So why not commission some cool art made from cymbals? Not only will it make the space look great, but it keeps your music lover classy.

Vinyl Frames: The music fan in your life doesn’t actually play an instrument, so a studio isn’t needed. But they do collect vinyl records (like this particular editor). You can now help keep the collection in mint condition while doing double-duty as art! Simply hang these frames, put in the record-cover art and all, viola! Instant art that you can still access the record. Frankly, these are awesome. My wife should take note. They are relatively inexpensive at $40 to boot.

USB Mixtape: “Mixing” the new with the old. This gift will probably resonate with only a certain age group. The younger music lover will most likely have no idea what a “mix tape” was. But for those of us who remember listening for hours to the radio in order to record certain songs to impress the opposite sex, this will be some nostalgia. Only now you download mp3 files onto a USB and put them in a cool cassette holder. At only $20, it’s unique throwback gift that’s affordable.

Showerhead Speaker: Bumping up a bit in price ($200) means bumping up a bit in the cool factor. Instead of having to carry around a portable Bluetooth speaker for your fan to receive his/her favorite jams while showering, there is this little ditty. See what I did there? The speaker IS the showerhead and vice versa. Synchs with any Bluetooth device, speaker pops in/out of the showerhead so you can recharge it when necessary, and one charge will get you around seven hours of playing time. But, please. Don’t spend seven hours in a shower!

The Movie Lovers

Melting Candle: This one is pretty specific. But if you have a fan of the Spielberg Indiana Jones films, you might consider this. Light it up and watch the legendary character’s face melt off. Literally. Just like in the film. At only $30, it is a relatively inexpensive way to celebrate one of the best special-effects deaths in film and keep your movie fan happy.

Cocktails Book: These days most movie theaters allow you to bring your favorite adult beverage into the theater with you. Even more are having wait staff serve you in your seat. This nifty book connects famous movie characters with their cocktails, then provides you a step-by-step recipe. Now your movie lover can make themselves a moloko plus and drink right along with Malcolm McDowell the next time they fire up A Clockwork Orange.

Virtual Reality (VR) Camera: More so than any other entertainment genre, there tends to be a a large cross-over between film fans and tech nerds. If your movie lover doesn’t just want to watch The Matrix, but wants to be in it, then this. Just this.

And Theatre Lover

I have never envied someone who has a theatre fan in the family. As one who has multiple degrees in the art of acting for the theatre, I can personally attest there aren’t a lot of unique options for gifts. Shopping must be difficult.

That said, here are a few ideas to be had…

Hamilton Shot Glasses: For the theatre fan who also needs a reminder of history, you can have Hamilton and Burr shot glasses. If you don’t understand the symbolism, then please read a history book.

Broadway Star Board Game: If you have more than just a fan in your household, they can take the journey to be a Broadway star. You start from school, to getting headshots and agent, to auditioning. All in hopes of being the next star! And they won’t have to live in an overpriced, rat-infested railroad apartment with four other people. Don’t ask!

Theatre Show Converse: Chuck Taylor probably never imagined his iconic shoe would be adapted quite like this. For your theatre lover who also has an interesting sartorial vision.

Now get out there and make your family members happy!

Have a wonderful holiday season and until next time gentlemen….