Thanks to Chainging Gears, a family owned business located in Over The Rhine at 122 W. Court St. (Elkins Alley), the streetcar isn’t the only new addition to the streets of Cincinnati. In fact this new form of transportation comes with LED lights, awesome music blasting from a Bluetooth sound system, a place to keep all of your belongings (as well as beverages), and you and 14 of your closest friends! Party wagons have recently become one of the best activities for tourists looking to explore the downtown and OTR area and even for those looking to enjoy a fun afternoon or evening with their friends or family.

Chainging Gears was founded in May of 2016 by Steve Poynter and Sarah Lark, a powerful brother and sister duo from a small town in Kentucky. Growing up the pair said that they had always shared a dream of creating a booming career in business. Although it took them a few years to develop this idea, the two have been capitalizing on various business ventures together since 2009.

The idea for this venture in particular was formed when Poynter and Lark experienced their own party wagon in a different city. They were fascinated by the concept, and knew it would be the perfect way to have a fun time while doing what they love and making people happy.


The brother and sister duo say that you shouldn’t be surprised if they are directing one of your tours. They love being involved in their company in every way and believe the hands-on approach is the key to their success. “There’s no better way to stay tuned in to what we need to do in the business,” they said. No matter how big their business grows in the future they plan on remaining present.

Although Chainging Gears isn’t the only company operating party wagons in the Cincinnati area, there is something unique about their company. Unlike the other wagons, Chainging Gears offers fun for all ages! Whether you are celebrating a 21st birthday, a promotion at work, or a school fieldtrip the staff at Chainging Gears does everything they can to accommodate.

“We felt there was a market being missed as well.  The bikes are capable of so much more than just parties although they make a fantastic party atmosphere!   Each bike holds up to 15 passengers around an oval counter while the passengers sit on a wider bike seat and provide pedal power.  Business team building events are offered with a host who leads a couple of team building exercises while the group is at a park, riding or having lunch.  There’s also scavenger hunts, sing a-longs, school field trips, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, holiday events, and lots of other tour excursions offered as well.  Each tour lasts 2 full hours and makes 2 – 3 stops during the tour.”

They offer 16 different tours and if you don’t find one that suits your needs they allow you to design your own. Over 60 tours are offered on weekly basis and they do their best to make times suitable for any passenger’s schedule.

Chainging Gears will be offering a huge anniversary sale starting Friday, August 25th for a two-week period – just to say Thank-You Cincinnati!   The owners are sure their service is second to none in the industry and praise from past riders assures that!   Chainging Gears provides a driver, host, music, decorations for the bike when appropriate, a cooler and ice for the beverages you bring on board.  This goes up and above “normal” service!  

Although the company is opened year round, the schedule starts to become limited starting in December until February for the winter months. If you want to experience it for yourself, Chainging Gears operates 7 days a week, from 9AM until 11PM.  They can be found on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!   Be sure to check out their web site at or call (513) 428-BIKE (2453).