Whether you want to splurge on a fine European suit, or just need a pocket square with flair, Blaine’s Fine Men’s Apparel has you covered. And the best thing about their styles and brands is that you’d have to be in New York or Europe to find them otherwise.

Blaine’s has been around since 2001, but it wasn’t until recently that the men’s clothing store was taken over by fashion-savvy Cincinnati native, Chuck Hellman. Hellman has done his fair share to bring Blaine’s up to fashion speed since partnering with the previous owners in 2012. In 2014, Hellman purchased the store and brought fashions that broke the boundaries of the conventional Cincinnati standard of men’s style.

Hellman (left) with Paolo Salamone, owner of Paolo Jewelers

While Hellman is an esteemed businessman, he’s also no stranger to fashion. In the past, he has worked at Macy’s in New York and eventually became CEO of Robert Graham, a high end men’s clothing line. As CEO of Robert Graham, Hellman was able to build his career in the fashion industry and ultimately follow his dream of establishing a career in both business and fashion.

As a Cincinnati native who moved to New York, Hellman was able to incorporate New York City style flare into his store. “I didn’t feel it was necessary to have men who appreciate fashion and like to shop for fashion to go outside the city to look and feel good so I made it a point to bring the fashion to them,” Hellman says.

Hellman (left) alongside customer, Luke Fickell, Head Football Coach at The University of Cincinnati

One of Hellman’s ultimate goals was to create a store where men have unique looks and the option of custom clothing at an affordable price. “Custom clothing has always had the stigma of very expensive and difficult to purchase. Fifty percent of the guys who come in absolutely need custom and we have made it easy to Purchase,” Hellman says, adding that Blaine’s customers can find luxury without the hefty price tag.

Because of this, Blaine’s Fine Men’s clothing is unlike any other men’s fashion retailer, which Hellman says he wants to be apparent from the moment you step into the store. “I would put our store’s visual merchandising up against any store in this country,” he adds. “When you walk in you know you have walked into a clothing store that is special” Hellman says.

And he has big plans for this year and beyond. In October 2017, he is opening another store, Hellman Clothiers, in downtown Cincinnati.  “I think this model can really work downtown where the city seems to be putting a lot of infrastructure and bringing in new people. With the vibe of the city, I think it’s going to be a good move for downtown,” Hellman says on the new Hellman Clothiers website. “With an eight-year lease signed, Hellman Clothiers is here for the long haul.”

Hellman Clothiers will be located in the atrium of the Carew tower. Customers can expect to find this 3,000-square-feet completely dedicated to men’s clothing. Hellman says many of the featured brands he personally sourced directly from Europe.

To learn more about Blaine’s Fine Men’s Apparel visit www.blainesapparel.com. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.