Do you feel like you struggle with work, creativity, and personal success? Maybe it’s your morning routine, or lack of one, that’s causing you to stay stuck. In this video Coach Ryan Smith talks about how breaking his morning routine killed his creativity and productivity.

Here are the 4 steps to building out your own morning routine to improve your daily performance:

1. Write down EVERYTHING you do the first hour of the day, including how many times you hit snooze.

2. Be honest with yourself and determine which things help you and which things hinder you. Get rid of the excuses, and be honest. Maybe even get someone else to help you to analyze it.

3. Write out what you would like to happen in your morning routine, and build a stack of habits that flow into each other.

4. Create a checklist to follow every morning until it becomes your new “non-negotiable” routine.

Now go “own your morning to win your day!”

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