Every day you’re style is getting better or worse – there is no staying the same.

Sure, every decent coach in the history of sports has used some version of this quote to motivate their team, but, it’s true. I believe you only get one shot at life; you might as well wake up every morning and try to be better than yesterday’s version of you.

You’re probably thinking, “I thought I clicked on the style blog?” Yes, style commonly refers to one’s fashion or outer appearance. But at its core, style is simply the manner in which you do something. Here are some self-improvement ideas to improve your inner and outer style.

Volunteer Your Time
Let’s start with improving the inner you. One of the best ways to feel great about you is by helping others. We all learned “The Golden Rule” when we were 5, but life gets in the way and sometimes we forget. VolunteerMatch.org is a website that connects people who are looking to volunteer with local non-profits who need help. It doesn’t cost you anything; simply answer a few questions about the causes you care about and where you live, then the site gives you a list of local causes that need your help.

Hire a Self-Improvement Coach
If elite athletes and organizations think they need coaches, shouldn’t you have one too?  An Executive Coach acts as your own personal and professional mentor and is similar to a life coach. Executive coaching propels you to develop daring business plans, connect effectively with employees, family and friends, and hone in on your goals in business, relationships, and life. Sam Nabil Counseling is a great place to start. Sam will challenge and motivate you, and work with you to answer some of life’s major questions.

In the process of exploring your attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs around these questions, he will help you find the drive, focus, and determination needed to create and live your optimal life, both in the business and the personal space.

Join a Self-Improvement Website
Maybe you aren’t quite ready for a self-improvement coach, well there’s way to test the water at bestme.com. This is a new website that aggregates the “…top tools and resources for a healthy body, sharp mind and awesome lifestyle.” It’s free and super easy to get started, just spend 2 minutes answering question about who you are & your goals.

95 Things You Should Do Every Day According to the Internet – Click Here

Get a New Haircut
Getting a haircut is an easy way to start accomplishing your self-improvement goals. Haircuts make us look better and that makes us feel better about ourselves. Getting a haircut at the right place (like 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Oakley) means getting pampered and relaxing, which helps to reduce your levels of cortisol – the stress hormone.

At 18|8 Oakley, our mission is to give you the best haircut you’ve ever had – period. We select and train the best barbers and stylists in the business, obsess over the details of what makes an excellent haircut, and strive to treat every customer that walks through our doors like royalty. We consider ourselves to be your own personal style experts to get you looking, feeling, and performing better than ever before.

We offer one-time cuts and feature a membership program to simplify your grooming regimen. Members get the VIP treatment all year long. Each membership includes:

  • 7 Executive Haircuts
  • 7 Clean-ups (between haircuts)
  • 50% Off One Grooming Service Of Your Choice
  • 15% Off All Retail Products (Any Time)

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We also offer a wide range of luxury skin and hair treatments including undeniably classic straight shaves, rejuvenating scalp treatments, and executive haircuts that will leave you feeling like you run the town. 18|8 also features a full line of grooming products from American CrewDS Labs, and Griff’s.