Last year’s Social Media Show & Tell event at Union Hall in OTR

In the ever-changing, nomadically-navigated field of social media, it’s important to learn from those using it to successfully build their brand. That’s the idea behind Dooley Media and their recently launched “Social Media Show & Tell” event series.

Dooley Media is a brand-building agency that helps clients tell great stories well. “We dive deep into the customer experience to uncover opportunities for producing original, share-worthy content. Our work results in a brand that people want to connect with, be a part of, and tell their friends about,” their website boasts, with clients ranging from Ester Price to Taste of Belgium.

“The goal is to look at the companies, understand their customer experience and learn about the different ways to produce that share-worthy content,” says creative director Autumn Heisler. “This could include anything from animated gifs to videos, all of which are ways of complex storytelling.” Since Dooley Media is all about connecting with viewers, careful consideration is taken into each client’s target audience.

“The content we make can be seen on multiple platforms depending on a brand’s target audience. Some content is pushed out through platforms that Dooley Media clients are on, such as Facebook or Instagram, so getting the word out can be as simple as sending a video out on these platforms,” continues Heisler.

(l-r) Last year’s Social Media Show & Tell speakers included Brennan Hill (Crossroads Church), Shay Nartker (Frameri), Tracey Ireland (Rhinegeist), Dooley Media founder Matthew Dooley, Jeremy K Smith (P&G), and Deidre Hazelbaker (Brandominium).

To develop the correct strategy for each client, Dooley Media sifts through all the content a client gives them to find that real, share-worthy story using a simple, but effective, process. It involves talking to a brand’s current customer base, full of people who are already devoted and love that brand. Dooley Media then brings both the client and customer in one room to find out what makes the brand great in the customer’s opinion.

“We go through a process of what we refer to as ‘design thinking,’ which is problem solving based on empathy. It’s important to make sure the people we’re trying to reach through social media actually care what the brand is saying,” says Heisler. “Viewers have to enjoy the content and find value in it, because if they don’t, then the likelihood that they will share that information is slim.”

Heisler explained that her favorite part of building and sharing a brand’s story is helping that brand understand themselves in a new way. “Creating the content is fun, I like the challenge of helping our clients see their brands in a different light. A lot of times, brands have an idea of what to communicate, but it isn’t executed in the right way. I enjoy the process of digging through that good content which might not necessarily be presented in a good way, and tweaking it so that it IS presented in a good, memorable way.”

To showcase local brands successfully sharing their stories on social media, Dooley Media recently held its first-ever “Social Media Show & Tell” event. The concept is simple: three timed topics, five thought leaders, free drinks and food. The first event was such a success, they’re doing it again on Feb. 27, 6pm at Union Hall in OTR. Speakers at this event include: Levi Bethune of Cladwell, Cloverleaf, & Discover & Build; Nate Engels of Northlich,, &; Lucrecer Braxton of Hello Friend Podcast &; Tim Schmoyer of Video Creators; and Christina Duccilli of Rookwood Pottery.

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