The Holidays are upon us! Each year I get asked for my recommendation on what to get someone (or even themselves) that will most impact their health and fitness. This year, by far, my recommendation is learning how to meditate – EFFECTIVELY!

Meditation is one of those things that most people hear about, know they should do, but say they don’t have time to learn, and then go on about their normal, chaotic lives. That’s where the Muse Headband comes in! Using Personal EEG Technology, the Muse gives you immediate feedback and teaches you to get control of that “wandering” mind. What most people struggle to do in 20 minutes of meditation, you can do in 3-5 minutes! That is Effective, Efficient, and SIMPLE!

And best of all, I have worked out a 15% off discount with Muse for Cincinnati Profile readers! Just click on the link in the video and your discount will be applied at checkout!

If you want an awesome 2017, the number one thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your career/business is to learn meditation. Muse is by far the most effective way!

Have a great rest of your year!

Coach Ryan Smith