Adam Key of The Brand Hero

Adam Key of The Brand Hero

Starting a business isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It can be even more difficult to keep that business running when you don’t have a strong knowledge of marketing and branding.

That’s where Adam Key and his business The Brand Hero comes in.

“Eight out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months,” he explains. “This is directly related to entrepreneurs who lack the knowledge of marketing, branding, and how much work it actually takes to build a successful business. As a successful entrepreneur, this inspired me to help other snot become one of those eight businesses that fail.”

Backed by a staff of over 25 employees, Key and The Brand Hero is a team of business consultants, social media strategists, marketing experts, bloggers, and writers.

“Together we help businesses develop their brand image and market to their target demographic utilizing various outlets from social media to face-to-face interactions,” he says

While Key has been personally helping local business owners with their marketing strategies and business plans for more than 6 years, he says he turned The Brand Hero into an actual company just over two years ago.

Since day one, Key has made it a point to show his clients that he, and his team, care.

“I know it sounds so cliche but, we care,” he says. “We genuinely care about businesses succeeding.”

They care so much, he says, that they will turn down a business if it isn’t the right fit and will terminate a contract if they don’t see the passion from a business owner.

“The truth of the matter is that not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship and others want to be an entrepreneur but don’t want to put in the work,” he says.

But he won’t turn them down right away. He’s constantly searching for ways to bring out the success in an entrepreneur. “We try working with those people and find their strength within the company that they are starting to wanting to start,” he says.

Adam says the team at The Brand Hero is currently working on establishing a second office in Dallas, Texas. “Getting established here will open up many more opportunities for our company,” he adds.

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