Every year, Cincinnati Profile’s annual car issue rolls around, there’s one thing I think of more than anything else: a kick-ass cruise list.

This list is especially important to me this time of year when the weather has turned for the better. And when things are heating up, tops should be down (if you are a convertible owner) and wind should be blowing through your hair (if, unlike me, you are fortunate to have a head full of it).

I have written, essentially, my all-time classic cruise list in this column previously. And while most music writers are still penning odes to the Purple One (if I have to tell you who that is then there is no hope for you), I’m going to forego adding to the tributes and roll out a new, more modern cruise list.

Taste changes, gentlemen. Music is no exception. In fact, taste in music probably changes as often as Donald Trump offends someone. While the music that I listed on my all-time list still stands up, I realized that I needed to keep this fresh. So I will attempt to update the cruise list in the car issue with songs from the previous year that are worthy. Follow me?

And remember, a good cruise list is mixed of all types of music. You need some thump, some bump, some funk, some head banging, and some all-out booty shaking songs to keep things moving while you’re moving.

Without further ado, and before Trump offends someone else and I have to change this list again, here are 10 songs from last year that are worthy of this summer’s cruise list:

“Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars: If this funky tune doesn’t get your butt moving in your seat then you may just need to have your soul checked.

“The Vengeful One” – Disturbed: The Disturbed guys took a couple of years in between albums. Then they unleashed this off their album “Immortalized.” No cruise list is complete without some power. The boys brought the power in this one. Also, I highly recommend the cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” the fellas did. Not appropriate for a top-down cruise list, but generally one of the best songs of 2016 already – and we aren’t even into July. It will be on a lot of top lists at year’s end, including mine.

“Tennessee Whiskey” – Chris Stapleton: This gentleman has one of – if not the best voice in music. After powering up with the previous song, settle in for a breather and just listen. If his voice doesn’t reach down into your soul and grab you, you don’t have one.

“Shut Up and Dance” – Walk the Moon: Flat-out shake your booty music from the hometown boys. That is all.

“Centuries” – Fall Out Boy: Remember how I said above you need some bump? Yeah, this is bringing it in spades. Not the greatest overall song in the world. I wouldn’t argue that. But for a top-down, hit-the-gas and go list? You betcha. Plus, if you grew up in an era (like me) when Suzanne Vega was at her height, you get the bonus of sampling from her classic, “Tom’s Diner.

“Hit the Quan” – iLoveMemphis: This is your thumping. You need it. You know you do.

“Homegrown” – Zac Brown Band: While these guys are on the country side, this has everything you need rolled into one song. A thumping beat. A little rock edge guitar. And lyrics that just make you feel good as you roll down the road.

“Stressed Out” – 21 Pilots: These guys have taken the world by storm in the last year. This tune will just give you some good head bob and chill. Do it!

“Cut the Cord” – Shinedown: Sometimes you have to rock. Period. 

“Jekyll & Hyde” – Five Finger Death Punch: And finally, a good cruise list should allow a chance to get rid of some frustration. This is it.