guns_n_roses_revolversAfter a 23-year long break, Axl Rose and Slash seem to have built the bridges needed to end their high profile feud. Their last outing together was a sold out stadium show in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1993.

The duo swore they’d never play together again, but it looks like the lure of the American dollar was just too much. With reports that the band will be demanding $3 million a show in 2016, their return to the music industry is much anticipated.

The band has already announced 6 shows for the summer. Their first two shows will be held at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The custom-built sports and live entertainment arena has been built by the MGM Resorts International, the company behind the famous MGM Grand. Additionally, they will play two headline slots at Coachella. The festival will also feature the likes of Calvin Harris, LCD Soundsystem, Ellie Goulding, Ice Cube and Disclosure. The band’s other shows will be at Foro Sol in Mexico on April 18 & 19.

While the band reuniting is a wonderful thing, the prices of tickets are something to be scoffed at. Music Times reported that VIP tickets for the shows are going for around $2,500 and that doesn’t involve actually meeting the band, either.

It has been reported that this proverbial cash cow, will continue to be a money-spinner for the rest of 2016 and beyond. In the latter parts of 2015, many fans saw the reunion coming due to the fact that the band’s official website started to stock original band merchandise. As the rumor mill began to kick out some interesting stories about the band reforming, the GnR brand became extremely valuable once more.

Radio station CFOX reported on the GnR official website stocking up on merchandise back in November 2015. And with other media companies latching onto the story immediately and a flurry of content surfacing online, companies began launching GnR-themed products to tap into the band’s popularity. Gaming company Spin Genie even launched their very own video slots game to try and entice players to their platform – as did many other reputable entertainment portals to drive traffic to their websites.

But while we marvel at all the new GnR merchandise and products available online, the question still arises: will they ever return to Cincinnati?

After the release of ‘Chinese Democracy’ in 2008, Axl Rose’s new fangled line-up – which didn’t include any original band members – embarked on an extensive world tour, which lasted for years. Close to the end of the tour, Axl Rose took his manufactured GnR to play at our very own US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio on December 2, 2011. While the gig was a superb event, it just wasn’t the GnR we’d come accustomed to in the past.

With the arena seating almost 18,000 people it may be too small for the original line-up, as they have announced their intention to play football stadiums upon the announcement of their full world tour. But we can dream, right?