Jonathan Mezibov

Jonathan Mezibov

Over The Rhine is now the trendiest place to be in Cincinnati. Making this hotspot even more stylish is Jonathan Mezibov.

He’s a Cincinnati attorney turned clothing designer, whose passion for design and desire for a well-fitting, well-made dress shirt lead to an entire new career. “It’s everything from the carefully selected fabric and buttons to the artful construction from the collar to the cuff,” he says. “These details won’t be obvious to everyone, but my years of searching for a modern, yet classically elegant shirt has shown me that when you know, you know.”

Mezibov’s Cincinnati-based ready-to-wear and made-to-measure shirting company is now joining the ranks of new businesses opening in 3CDC retail space located in Over the Rhine. He recently opened a seasonal pop up shop, located at 1421 Vine Street, which will be open until the end of January.

Jonathan Mezibov's seasonal pop up shop, located at 1421 Vine St

Jonathan Mezibov’s pop up shop is located at 1421 Vine St

After nearly a decade focusing on custom men’s shirting, Mezibov recently expanded with a line of ready-to-wear shirts, in a variety of styles, which are also available online at his ecommerce site that launched in 2015. “I have been a clothing designer for the past 10 years, with a focus on men’s shirts. As my passion has evolved into a business, I’ve realized that there are very few American companies focusing on well-tailored men’s shirting,” he explains. “And in this region, we’re the only company that solely creates the button down shirt.”

A long-time OTR resident, Mezibov says he’s proud to be a part of Cincinnati’s emerging talent “which is showing itself to the world to be a hotbed of innovation and skill,” he adds. “While we may be the only shirt designers emerging from this area, we certainly aren’t the only new company that calls Cincinnati home. Seeing what is going on around us, we knew that we were a part of something much bigger than we are. That’s when we really started paying attention to the development going on right in my own neighborhood.”

Rainer Andereeson, Canadian model and artist married to actor Victor Garber, who is the face of Jonathan Mezibov's newest collection and website.

Rainer Andereeson, a Canadian model and artist married to actor Victor Garber, who is the face of Jonathan Mezibov’s newest collection and website.

He says a brick and mortar retail store has always been a goal, and 3CDC surfaced to be a perfect partner. “Thanks to the ground breaking work of the 3CDC in OTR, we knew that we had a great opportunity to work with them now to see how our concept would work beyond our website,” he explains. “We are growing right as this city grows around us, so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for us to test a retail location.”

Mezibov says his plans for 2016 include the launch of a spring and summer line of ready-to-wear shirts, and to expand our made-to-measure shirts to include both men and women. “Our pop-up shop has given us the chance to become a part of the retail culture in OTR. This temporary store will close at the end of January. But so far, we like what we are seeing and we are actively exploring a permanent retail location in OTR,” he adds. “We hope to become a vital part of the fabric of retail redevelopment, growing as this business district grows.”

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