A whopping 80% of Pinterest users are women. That alone might make you wonder why I’d spend time writing up some Pinterest tips for men in Greater Cincinnati. It’s pretty simple, actually. The expectation level is so low that there’s a significant opportunity for us guys to impress family and friends with our tasty holiday selection; whether that’s a festive cocktail, entrée or treat. Allow me to show you the way.

Set up your account

Figured I’d start with an easy first step. Just head to pinterest.com, and sign up using either your email or Facebook account.

A pin from Matthew Dooley's board "Santa's Tummy"

Create a Board

Before you start following other pinners, give them a decent reason to follow you back. Create at least a few boards around some things you care about, like recipes, travel ideas, or even fashionable neckties. For the sake of this article, create and title a board to begin collecting inspiration for your holiday get-together. If you prefer to keep this a surprise, scroll to the bottom of your profile to create a private board instead.

Add Any Contributors

The more, the merrier…especially if you’re a Pinterest #n00b. All you have to do is click the “edit” button underneath your board and type the name or email of family or friends you want help from.

Search for Pins, Boards and Pinners

The easiest way to use Pinterest for something specific is the search bar. Here are some keyword strings to get you started:

  • Holiday recipes
  • Easy holiday cookie recipes
  • Slow cooker holiday recipes
  • Festive drinks
  • Holiday treats
  • Christmas appetizers

From there, just quickly scroll through and pin anything that looks appetizing. You’re in brainstorming phase, so don’t read (instead, scan) or make any final selections. Quick tip: you can’t go wrong by repinning the most repinned pin on Pinterest (say that three times fast).

Review and Optimize Your Board

Once you’ve added a good number of pins, go back to your board and begin trimming any fat. With each pin, you can not only view a description but also click through to the website it was pinned from. And to make your board look even more pretty and organized, you have the option to change the “cover” pin. Just hover over the board and choose a pin that’s a good representation of the broader set. Finally, if you’ve created other boards, you can rearrange your boards with a simple drag and drop. This way, you can keep the best or most current stuff at the top.

Follow Other Pinners and Boards

In addition to searching for pins, you can also search and follow other pinners. Here are some goodies I found, along with their holiday food-related board:

My “Santa’s Tummy” Board

I followed my own advice and came up with this board! Feel free to borrow a few ideas from there.

Not a great cook and anxious about being the next Pinterest fail? Just click “send board” to share with your significant other or female friend: they’ll likely appreciate the effort (and admire your Pinterest skills) and pick up where you left off.

Good luck!