It’s no secret that Cincinnati continues to be a hub for technology-based companies. It’s also a great place for businesses that help startups use technology to grow their business.

Tim Metzner is a partner at – a local company that helps its clients reach their full potential.

Cincinnati Profile: What is

Tim Metzner: Differential is a venture studio that helps validate, build, and launch startups. We turn ideas into profitable businesses. We serve as an early-stage co-founder powering design, development, and marketing, and supporting recruiting and fund raising efforts.

From the Differential homepage.

CP: How/Why did you come up with the idea?

TM: We launched Differential in February of 2013 after months of planning and discussion with local entrepreneurs and leaders. We wanted to build a company that would be a dream job for our team and great asset to the startup community.

Entrepreneurs have historically had two options for launching a tech startup: find a technical co-founder, or hire an agency. The first is very hard (especially for non-technical founders) and the second is expensive and risky because most agencies are used to working with big brands, not startups.

Differential provides a third option. We integrate with your early stage startup, building the first version of your product – in some cases, working at a discounted rate in exchange for equity. This ensures our long-term interests are aligned, meaning your success is important to our success.

CP: Why did you decide to base your company in Cincinnati/not move somewhere else?

TM: Our team was already big supporters of the Cincinnati startup ecosystem, helping to organize events and meetups along with mentoring, supporting, and working for startup companies. We believe that Cincinnati is well-positioned to be a great place to launch and grow businesses and we’re excited to drive that forward.

CP: Why should other businesses consider launching in/relocating to Cincinnati?

TM: Because of resources, momentum, and widespread support of entrepreneurial efforts, there has probably never been a better time to launch a business in Cincinnati. In addition, the cost of living is very reasonable and it’s truly a great town to raise a family; which for me, personally, is what made Cincinnati a no-brainer for launching Differential here.

Also, because we’re still a growing tech scene, if you can build some momentum for your startups, there’s an opportunity to quickly make a huge impact and get great coverage for your company (vs. the coasts where you’re much more likely to get lost in the clutter).

CP: What sort of support systems/networking opportunities are there in Cincinnati for tech entrepreneurs?

TM: More than ever. There are many active meetup groups, events like Startup Weekend (the next event is November 15, 2013) and organizations like Cintrifuse, all focused on driving the Cincinnati tech startup ecosystem forward.

CP: What do you (personally) love about Cincinnati?

TM: The food, fall season, countless parks, the people, the Banks, our sports teams, the skyline (especially from the “cut in the hill” as you’re returning from out of town), and our history.