In much the same way “social media” was a misunderstood term a few short years ago, “wearable tech” is gaining some serious buzz and will soon be used in everyday language. This emerging technology is just as it sounds – clothing and accessories you wear that are infused with some sort of technology. The vision for wearable tech is interweaving technology into everyday life in a seamless way, and it has a much longer history than you might think – the calculator watch was first introduced in the 1980s. But wearable tech has really come on to the scene recently thanks to the increased compatibility with smartphones and other electronics devices. It’s time to start taking notice.

Wearable tech: you've come a long way, baby.

Inc. magazine recently ranked the top industries for starting a business in 2013, and wearable computing is listed at #2. – musician and innovation consultant for huge brands like Coke and Intel – has wearable tech on his short list of what will drive future innovation. While this market is currently dominated by health and fitness products – Nike FuelBand, Jawbone UP and FitBit Flex – the ‘infotainment’ subcategory is expected to outpace every other. This includes products that you may or may not be too familiar with. Google Glass is probably most popular and, despite its cool features, I don’t think this product will hit mainstream for another 3-5 years (it doesn’t help that the device currently runs $1,500). Another infotainment device that has grown in popularity is the smartwatch. Sony SmartWatch leads the pack, but recent crowdfunding successes Pebble and Meteor are proving that the market is a land grab. It’s even rumored that Apple will soon launch their own version. Until these smartwatches become more than a remote control for your smartphone, my opinion is they likely won’t garner interest beyond early tech adopters.

Kapture devices

My business partner, Mike Sarow, and I are officially entering into the wearable tech market just next month, so we’ve spent a lot of time studying the space. What we’re offering is a completely new benefit that you can’t get on your smartphone or via any wearable tech out there. We’re calling it Kapture, and it’s an audio-recording wristband that allows you to save and share what someone just said. With a simple tap of your wrist, you can save the previous sixty seconds of any conversation. Kapture is always on, ready to preserve the fleeting moments of our lives that pass too quickly: the reaction of a child experiencing something for the first time, the birth of an inside joke with friends, or a solitary epiphany during your drive home. Those are moments you might not anticipate and, with our device around your wrist, you’ll never miss the chance to save and share them.

We’re officially debuting the product via Kickstarter on September 3rd. This crowdfunding platform allows us to rally supporters to fund our project before we produce the devices. Our product launch is two years in the making, and has already closed $300,000 in seed-stage financing, in a round led by CincyTech. Taking something from prototype to production requires a lot of money, and this is our next step: to prove market demand and, through a community of supporters, raise enough money on Kickstarter to begin making and delivering our awesome product.

So, check us out on Facebook and Twitter so you can follow our story. And the next time you hear someone say wearable tech, I hope you’ll tell them about the latest invention coming out of Cincinnati!