As the entertainment editor, you probably are expecting an article on top adventure movies like Jurassic Park or Star Wars. But that isn’t what you are going to get this time around.

See, the best and worst adventures I’ve ever had in the Queen City happened when I opened my mind and did something that was completely opposite myself. So, in much the same way I advise my five-year-old daughter (when she’s giving me that dubious look) to do something we’ve never taken her to do before (if you are a Dad, you know the look), I am now advising you, good gentlemen: Mix it up and do something completely opposite of what you ordinarily do.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Camper’s Crusade

If you are one who is traditionally a worldly traveler that enjoys the creature comforts of five-star hotels and posh accommodations (who among us doesn’t?), try taking a trip to the great outdoors. Now gentlemen, I’m not talking about going all “Grizzly Adams” and trying to live off the land and kill an animal with your bare hands for dinner. I mean simply go to a quality outdoors store like REI or Bass Pro Shops and ask the clerk for some recommendations on good quality camping gear. Then find a campground near you (I highly recommend something near water) and spend a few nights under the stars…or in a tent.

  1. Music Lover’s Delight

I wouldn’t blow smoke up your Snoopy, gentlemen, and I never will. This experience could go either way, no lie. I’m not a fan of electronica music, but my wife is. Once, I decided to attend one such concert with her (You, You’re Awesome). Let us just say that for me they were decidedly not awesome – to me, a Mac is not an instrument, gentlemen – and leave it at that. However, that experience has never deterred me from getting out there and experiencing music that is opposite from what I usually listen to. And there is no shortage of music here in Cincinnati. Simply hit this calendar and search from something that isn’t normally your taste. Who knows? You might end up expanding your musical knowledge.

  1. Class It Up

There is nothing wrong with being a t-shirt and blue jeans wearing, beer drinking, diehard sports fan. But there is a completely different ballgame that is waiting to be experienced. So give up one of those 162 baseball games and instead get your best threads on, trim that beard or goatee, and hit the theatre. If theatre is a little too adventurous for you to even consider right off the bat (see what I did there, sports fans?), try mixing it up with a wine tasting (it’s still alcohol). Ultimately, what I’m saying on this one is to go and try something that involves you putting on some cologne and a nice shirt, as opposed to watching guys scratch their crotch-rot on national television. You might even impress your lady enough that this experiment will end quite pleasurably for you.

These are just three quick ideas off the top of my head. Think of them as thought-starters to get your juices flowing. You certainly shouldn’t limit yourselves. Build your own adventure – like those “choose your own adventure” novels you read in school (don’t deny it, I know you did).

Push your own boundaries. You might find something new. You might write nasty letters to my editor about how this advice turned into the worst night of your life. But good, bad, or ugly, I can promise you one thing: You do something different and it will most definitely be entertaining.

Until next time, gentlemen…