Have you been catching more rays from the glow of your iPad or smartphone lately rather than the noonday sun? If so, maybe it’s time to head outdoors and enjoy Mother Nature. But not so fast…with all of the technology available these days, there are countless “why didn’t I think of that?” apps that will enhance your outdoor living experiences. Social media and the great outdoors can live harmoniously together, especially right here in Cincinnati!

Washington Park is breathing new life into OTR

Washington Park in OTR

Have you heard the buzz surrounding the new Washington Park in OTR? No longer battered and broken down, the historic park recently received one heck of a makeover. Where concrete slabs and walls once were, now lies lush, grassy lawns and flowerbeds, a stage for live entertainment, beautiful lighting, water fountains, a dog park and wooden benches for seating. The future of Washington Park is bright, and so is the future of surrounding vacant properties – the re-vamping of Washington Park has paved the way for future development of the OTR area!

If you find yourself checking out the new Washington Park anytime soon, make sure to bring your smartphone with you. Washington Park offers a cool interactive app called Walk of Fame that allows you to play music from your smartphone through the park’s speaker system. This app even allows you to communicate with others at the park to vote on which songs should be played! Now you can edit your park playlist…socially!

Smale Riverfront Park

Smale Riverfront Park and the Cincy Bike Center on the Banks

Another promising park area is already exceeding expectations. Smale Riverfront Park is now open to the public, and you’ll probably agree that it is already a huge win for the city. There are so many features to be excited about – interactive fountains, walkways, gardens, event lawns, playgrounds and restaurants.

One key attraction is the new Cincinnati Bike Center (CBC), which provides a full inventory of bikes for rent, guided tours, bike storage and repair, various retail items and storage/locker facilities. And it’s open to bicycle commuters 24 hours a day!

If you’re really into biking, the CBC offers a nifty online tool for mapping out your ride. Just go here, and start drawing a route. You’ll automatically see the total distance, total ascent and maximum elevation. You can easily check out other people’s rides, export yours to a GPS device, share with friends and view upcoming races and events.

Other Cincinnati apps

If you’re like me, you’re slightly overwhelmed with all of the positive changes going on in Cincinnati – new bars and restaurants, awesome music festivals and a winning baseball team. Luckily, there’s an app for that.

Carry downtown Cincinnati in your pocket by downloading this app. Find exactly what you’re looking for based on your location, browse and search for specific businesses (only the ones that are open when you need them), bookmark the places you visit the most, and check in through Foursquare. Use the app to discover places you may have never thought of checking out.

In case you want to know about news and events, too, then you should download CincyMobile. While it’s a simple, mobile version of Cincinnati.com, it offers a clean interface to the most important stuff happening in the Greater Cincinnati area.

There’s so much going on in Cincinnati this summer that there’s very little reason to pack up and leave. Enjoy!