It’s not big news to state that Cincinnati is home to talented artists of all kinds. Take Jim Dine, for instance – whose Pinnochio statue goes on display this spring at the Cincinnati Art Museum; and The Afghan Whigs – a grunge-era band who are coming out of retirement for two shows this fall.

With the premiere of Radius: A Short Film, Cincinnati can now add one more achievement to the list. Cincinnati is home to the world’s first game-sourced movie. Radius tells the story of a man, a superhero and a city transformed.

Poster and QR code for Radius: A Short Film

Using the SCVNGR game smartphone app, filmmakers gathered more than 2,000 pieces of crowd-sourced content for Radius at various arts events, most notably at the MidPoint Music Festival (MPMF). Through the SCVNGR app, users scanned QR codes and uploaded photos that ultimately became content for the film. More than 300 people used SCVNGR and submitted their own photos via the app. They received free music downloads from the bands performing at MPMF, and had an opportunity to remix music for the actual film score. When the participating audience returns to watch this film, they’ll find the content they had captured incorporated into every aspect of Radius.

An innovative and groundbreaking project, Radius is a collaboration between Possible Worldwide, a WPP Digital company, the arts advocacy organization ArtsWave, along with Sonic Arts, Lightborne and The All Night Party, to name a few.

“The most exciting aspect of the Radius experience is how we actually used all this game-sourced content in the movie,” says Hank McLendon, chief creative officer at Possible Worldwide. “Photos of local businesses and venues became a three-dimensional ‘Gotham’ for our superhero story, and portraits of the audience became characters in our film. We even gave people the opportunity to remix songs from music festival bands to help create our film score. Then we combined it all into a unique, visually engaging take on the standard comic book format.”

Eagle-eyed Profile readers will recall an article on The Radius Experience ( from last fall.

Future plans for Radius include local theater screenings and film festivals. Curious? The film is also available online here: