They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And while no two men are alike, most share a love for a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs meal.

I’m talking meaty meals, cooked over fire, with a cold beverage to wash it all down… your heart skipping a beat yet? Well, calm your palpitations and please your palette with these six spots offering meals with a man in mind.

Boi na Braza
Heather Johnson, author of local food blog The Food Hussy, recommends Boi na Braza, a Brazilian-style meat mecca. “What dude doesn’t like meat, meat and oh yeah – meat?” she says. Her husband, Larry Johnson, agrees. “How can you not love a place where if you just look at them they bring you giant sticks of grilled cow?” he says. “It’s awesome.”

Chung Korean
This Florence-based ethnic eatery is not only authentic, but they let you grill your own meat. “Men love grills,” says Heather. “Here’s an ethnic way to have that touch.”  Click here to learn more about Heather’s experience there and read her review.

Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club
Heather chose this spot more for the fun than the food. “It’s a light, entertaining, fun time and there’s still time to enjoy the river,” she explains. “The food is good, too.” Larry doesn’t disagree. “The beer is cold, the view is great – at the bar and on the deck – and the food is good,” he says. “It’s my favorite place on the river!” Click here to read Heather’s review.

Jeff Ruby Restaurants
Julie Niesen Gosdin, author of food and spirits blog “wine me, dine me (in cincinnati),” recommends all of Ruby’s restaurants if you’re on the market for a manly meal. “Lots of steak, big knives, manly portions, attractive bartenders” she says of the Steakhouse, Precinct, Waterfront, Carlo & Johnny and Walnut Street Grill. Click here to read Julie’s review of Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. “This is an old review but not a whole lot has changed,” she adds.

Quatman’s Cafe
Burgers are always manly, right?  That’s why Julie recommends this Norwood-based burger joint. Click here to read her review. “Quatman’s is great for a traditional, West Side-style  burger and beer fest,” she says. “With sports on in the background, of course.”

They load up hot dogs, beef up burgers, and cover things with gravy. It’s basically testosterone for your taste buds. “And they do Bacon Frite Fridays,” adds Julie. Click here to read her review of OTR-based Senate.