Each year, Cincinnati Profile chooses a select group of sexy, single, and successful Tri-State women to highlight their achievements – and the high-class dating potential the city has to offer. I was flattered to be a part of this issue a few years ago, and now I’m elated be the voice of many women who are dying to give the men of Cincinnati insight into the sexy, single, and successful woman’s mind. Correct me if I’m wrong, fellas – but I believe this is the type of woman you want in the long run. However, most men find sexy and successful women intimidating, unapproachable, and unavailable, or blow a great chance by going about it the wrong way. Here you’ll find the advice you need to stop dreaming about “the girl that got away” and go get her.

The author in a previous issue. (photo: Reach USA)

To gain more insight, I enlisted the help of women I consider to be the complete package.  Most agreed that the first step should be an understanding of how women define “success.”   Understanding the way we think and what we consider the definition of success will help you approach and hold on to a lady that fits the bill. Successful women typically define success as the ability to set and achieve one’s goals, make a difference, have an impact on others, juggle a busy schedule, and be a good role model. Not so scary, is it?

A successful woman knows what she wants and who she is (or is engaging that path of discovery) and knows what she will not stand for. Translation? We don’t have time for BS.  Here are some tips to help you on the road to enlightenment:

Be yourself. Are you sitting down? A guy that has the confidence to be himself is something we consider impressive and refreshing. A successful woman doesn’t want to meet your representative, she wants to meet you.

Be confident, without arrogance. Everyone likes a challenge, but most men translate that into being a jerk. Successful women prefer a man that is caring and fun, with a sense of humor. If you’re innately a jerk, then skip the first tip and head straight to therapy or have a good talk with your mother.

How it looks to be Single & Successful (photo: Reach USA)

A girl that has her life together (or is working toward it) wants a guy that does, too. That doesn’t mean you have to have life all figured out – none of us do. But we have our own business to work on, and can’t be taking care of yours too.

Engage an intelligent conversation. Times have changed, and women are done “dummying” themselves down. Instead of being intimidated by an intelligent woman, try being intrigued by it. There is potential to spend many great evenings having incredible conversations. A friend of mine is the president of a small business, and was fixed up with a man with same title. Instead of hiding away from a woman of her stature, he asked her out. They were intrigued by each other, discussing the challenges they both face as business owners. Three days later they went out again, and three years later they are happily married.

Be honest and share your hopes, dreams, and fears. A successful woman may seem to have it all figured out, but in reality we have dreams and fears like anyone else.

Support her busy lifestyle. Our priorities in life are as important as yours. We respect you and your goals, we simply ask for you to do the same.

Most importantly, MAN UP. No matter how successful a woman is, in the end every woman wants to be taken care of. I repeat, every woman wants to be taken care of. Please reread this until it is engrained in your brain, then act accordingly by making some plans.

Many say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Well, we’re from Cincinnati and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what makes us tick. Successful women have been eager to be heard the men of Cincinnati. I hope you’ve enjoyed this exclusive trip through a successful woman’s mind, and feel prepared to approach those you may have previously considered unapproachable.