The lapels are narrowing, suits are slimming and hues are graying. Sleek, mid-century cool is officially making a comeback.

Don Draper, the lead character in AMC's "Mad Men" series, sporting a slim lapel and thin tie. (Photo courtesy of AMC)

Some experts say these new trends are taking a nod from AMC’s well-dressed “Mad Men” cast. “Everything is ‘coming in’ thanks to the show,'” says Danielle Battaglia, professional clothier at Tom James Company. “Lapels are coming in, the ties are smaller and suits are trimmer.”

Battaglia says the hot hues in 2011 will be candy apple green for sports shirts and lavender and ash gray for suits and professional menswear. In terms of ties, she says they are trimming down, and the thick double Windsor knots aren’t as popular as they used to be, but the Ryan Seacrest super slim tie isn’t for everyone.

So, while pouring yourself a bourbon at 10 a.m. and passing a cigarette box around a board meeting won’t be making a comeback, looking devilishly dapper in wingtips and a Princeton haircut is a sure bet.

Speaking of haircuts, the retro resurgence isn’t stopping at the wardrobe. As the New York Times recently reported, barbershops are popping up around the nation quicker than your five o’clock shadow. Just to give you an idea, the number of licensed barbers grew roughly 10% in the last two years, up to 245,000 from 225,000, according to the Association of Barber Boards of America.

The Queen City is proudly taking part in this barbershop boom. Fresh to Hyde Park Square is Knickers XY, a new men’s lifestyle store offering a unique barbershop-clothing-store-combo concept. Nestled inside the clothing store is a vintage-inspired barbershop run by Nick Salzano and Sons. They’re a first generation Cincinnati family who arrived here from Tuscany, Italy and have been practicing their art of cuts and shaves for decades.

Cincinnati Profile editor Pete Scalia sitting in the Knickers XY barbershop

Austin Lutz, general manager of Knickers XY, says the rise in barbershop popularity is due to the nostalgia, and also the experience. “There’s something to be said about walking in without an appointment and enjoying the hour-long ritual of a hot lather shave,” Lutz says.

This “experience,” which will run you about $40, includes lots of warm lather, hot towels steamed in a 1965 Autoclave, two rounds of moisturizer, a mud mask treatment, as well as a scalp/face/chest massage. Lutz says the barbershop can also be rented for special events, such as a wedding day, to put the “groom” in groomsmen.

Of course, we can’t talk about style in 2011 without mentioning the second annual Cincinnati Fashion Week (CFW). Micah Paldino, owner of PB&J Public Relations and media relations manager for CFW, gave us a sneak peek of what’s to come at the fashionable affair.

Arbitrage Clothing, a men's line featured at the 2010 Cincinnati Fashion Week (Photo courtesy of Thadd Fiala, Cincinnati Fashion Week)

First and foremost, CFW 2011 will take place from Monday May 9 to Sunday May 15, with the fashion finale event on Saturday May 14. “The events for CFW 2011 are focused dually on two components: an educational component and a show or presentation,” says Paldino. “Each evening, an event will consist of a seminar or ‘talk’ followed by a presentation or fashion show that corresponds with the subject matter.”

Mary Baskett, an avid supporter of Japanese fashion as well the various arts institutions in the city will be a integral part of fashion week. Baskett will lead an evening of Japanese fashion followed by a presentation.

New features to CFW 2011 include a trunk show featuring local designer duds for purchase on Sunday May 15. “A Men’s Night will be a new feature to the CFW roster,” says Paldino. “At this time, Artfully Disheveled owners Chris Berre and Michael Palmer are confirmed as a part of that evening.”

CFW founder, Nathan Hurst, is looking for volunteers to help in any way possible. If you’re interested in donating your time or talents to make CFW 2011 possible, send a message via the Cincinnati Fashion Week Facebook Fanpage.

Click on the play button below to watch a webcast of Cincinnati Profile editor, Pete Scalia, and Danielle Battaglia talk about even more fashion trends in 2011. For more information or to set up a consultation with Battaglia, e-mail her or call her at (859) 743-3034.