Ninety-two percent of New Year’s resolutions fail, according to Statistic Brain research.  Why?  Because eating right, exercising and saving money are hard!  I’m here to help!

Personal Training

Okay, we can help you look great, but if you want to get in shape this year…you probably need to start with professional personal training.  Beat Personal Training (conveniently located 1 block from 18|8 Oakley) is a great place to start. Beat offers scientifically-based, advanced personal training for those who are serious about getting the maximum results from their efforts. Beat begins your program with a comprehensive evaluation of strengths and weaknesses including a 10 Point Functional Movement Screen. After reviewing the results, Beat designs a customized training regimen to meet your goals.

Proper Nutrition

You can exercise until you drop…but if you follow that up with a triple cheeseburger & fries, you are wasting your time & effort.  Lime & Greens Nutrition (located in Hyde Park) offers Nutritional Coaching which consist of a comprehensive nutrition assessment that focuses on your nutrition and exercise habits, medical history, weight history, and current lifestyle behaviors. They will build on that assessment to set goals, formulate an action plan, and focus on sending you home with resources for implementing changes right away!

Enough of the Hard Stuff…

Hair Coloring

Don’t be afraid…it’s 2017 after all!  Gray hair isn’t always so bad – just as long as it’s kept in check.  Plus, you don’t have to go for an entirely new color. Professional stylists at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons in Oakley will use gray blending techniques to perfectly blend your gray hairs into your natural hair color. Under the right guidance and expertise, you can have the perfect blend of youth and wisdom. Also, consider Beard Coloring & Highlights.  Hair & Beard coloring is a quick way to have a new and fresh look & you may even gain more confidence for the new year.
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Facial Treatments

As important as the right hair color is for helping you look your best, there’s a lot more that people look at than your hair – and one of the biggest things that can bring you down is the skin on your face. Facial skin is prone to dryness, oiliness, and flaking, all of which can lose you major points in the attractiveness arena. Facial treatments are the perfect thing to put your face back on the right track.  At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons in Oakley, a 45-minute treatment includes a thorough cleansing wash, a rejuvenating exfoliant, a luxurious hydrating cream, and a stress-melting neck, shoulder, and scalp massage. Your face will be positively glowing.
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New Haircut & Styling

At 18|8 Oakley, their mission is to give you the best haircut you’ve ever had – period. They select and train the best barbers and stylists in the business, and obsess over the details of what makes an excellent haircut, and strive to treat every customer that walks through our doors like royalty. They consider themselves your own personal style experts to get you looking, feeling, and performing better than ever before.

They offer one time cuts & also feature a membership program to simplify your grooming regimen.  Members get the VIP treatment all year long.  Each membership includes:

  • 7 Executive Haircuts
  • 7 Clean-ups (between haircuts)
  • 50% Off One Grooming Service Of Your Choice
  • 15% Off All Retail Products (Any Time)

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They also offer a wide range of luxury skin & hair treatments including undeniably classic straight shaves, rejuvenating scalp treatments, and executive haircuts that’ll leave them feeling like they run the town. They also feature a full line of grooming products from American CrewDS Labs and Griff’s.