Any of you who buy for a person in the old car hobby know that finding a decent related gift can be difficult. Car people tend to know what they want and need and then they will buy it themselves. Honestly, I’ve never known a car person to ask for a replacement brake kit or some 400 grit sandpaper for their birthday.

While everyone is different and the same present may not work for each person, here are a few ideas of what to get those car crazed fanatics on your gift list.

For staying on top of things in the hobby, many car fans enjoy reading about the hobby. There are a number of really good magazines ranging from general to specific. Perhaps the most widely read of these is Hemmings Motor News. This magazine not only has articles dealing with the hobby but also is filled with a ton of classified ads for everything from the smallest parts to entire cars for sale.

Hemmings also publishes a few more magazines which delve a little more toward specific types of cars. Hemmings Classic Car provides articles about specific automobiles that helped shape the history of the industry and looks at specific cars owned by hobbyists. It also features articles about the people involved in shaping and making automobiles. Hemmings Muscle Machines and Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car does the same for those specific types of cars.

Fans of hot rods and street rods would most likely enjoy a magazine such as Hot Rod. The same holds true for Muscle Car Enthusiast for those, well, enthusiasts of muscle cars. Magazines such as Super Chevy, Classic Ford and MoPar Muscle will cover specific makes. Keep in mind that many manufacturer based clubs will offer up their own specific magazines. And yes, clubs are a good way for the car fan to stay in touch and a membership or a renewal would look mighty good in anyone’s stocking.

If you are looking for a magazine that is a little more continental, the good folks in the UK turn out some very fine magazines on the old car hobby which can be found in town. My two personal favorites are Classic and Sports Car and Octane. Each of these is filled with lots and lots of articles about the hobby but with a British twist. If you aren’t sure if you want to subscribe or not, the one sure fire location where I have found both of these (as well as many other fine car related magazines) is Joseph Beth Booksellers

Other great gifts for the reader on your list can easily be found at Amazon. One that I have on my wish list is Classic Car: The Definitive Visual History.  Another that has piqued my interest is The Old Car Nut Book: Where Old Car Nuts Tell Their Story. This is actually the first in a series of these books where car owners tell the stories they have shared with their automobile.

While it isn’t released until the end of April, you can go ahead and pre-order a copy of the essential Show and Shine Calendar on their web site. If you don’t want to pre-order then simply write up a quick IOU on a card and stick it in your car fan’s stocking. The Show and Shine lists car shows and cruise-ins not only in Ohio but also in Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Anyone who likes to show their car or just go see some amazing rides needs one of these calendars.

The Ault Park Concours d’Elegance may be nearly six months away but tickets for this annual weekend long event which benefits the Arthritis Foundation, Ohio River Valley Chapter, can be purchased on line at the event web site. This year the concours will feature the 50th anniversary of two American icons, the Camaro and the Firebird. Add to that the cars that will represent classes from the earliest antiques to supercars that will be classics for future generations and you have one of the most highly respected automobile events not only in the Tri-State but in the entire country.

Speaking of tickets to great car events, the KOI Cavalcade of Customs is just a few weeks away. In fact from January 6-8 the Duke Energy Center will be filled with some of greatest custom and collector cars in the country. In addition to the two floors of cars that will be on display the Cavalcade, now in its 57th year, features celebrities, demonstrations and a training expo for car professionals. Tickets are available in advance on line and at all KOI Auto Parts stores.

There are many time when people plan trips for that special person on their list. How about planning a trip to one of the many regional transportation museums that are within a few hours of Greater Cincinnati. Whether the car fan on your list is a fan of Corvettes or the Ford Model T, there is most likely a museum near enough for a great weekend getaway. Whether you want to check out Studebakers, the Auburn, Cord and Duesenbaker automobiles, Packards (in Warren, OH or up in Dayton), Hudsons, or championship Indy style racers, it’s probably just a short drive away. One good resource to find museums all over North America is The Hub Cap Café.

A quick internet search will easily reveal all kinds of apparel and gift memorabilia for most any kind of automobile, even long gone automobiles such as Marmon or Stutz. A new shirt or hat or even a miniature or model of that special car is nice to see stuffed in that stocking.

Every car lover has their own favorite brand of product cleaners, such as Meguires or Mothers. Something to help keep that car nice and shiny for the show season always makes a good stocking stuffer.

For the more adventurous shopper, how about a spot weld removal kit? I know, this is not really that nostalgic gift but can be quite practical and affordable, especially one from Blair Equipment Co. Or perhaps you would like to splurge on a custom fit car cover from Cal Car Cover. That is if you want to spend a little bit more for that special person.

So while time may be running short on your shopping, the list of possibilities is not. And keep in mind that any of these make a great gift for a birthday, anniversary (of getting the car, of course; no one would want this type of give for a wedding anniversary) or any other special occasion. Happy shopping and let’s get those cars ready for spring.