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Style and Substance: Empowered Apparel

For our annual "Style and Substance" issue, we feature a local small business owner and apparel designer who's stitching self-confidence into the Tri-State and beyond one thread at a time.

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Using Clothes to Hack Travel, Mental Performance: Health Contributor, Coach Ryan Smith, introduces us to the mental and physical health benefits of Unbound Apparel's new crowd funded Merino Wool clothing -- the ultimate travel and daily wear hack.
Another Concours on the Horizon: Think we were done with car shows? Think again! Keep reading for a list of upcoming shows.
Lucky 13: Our auto columnist shares the success from the 13th Annual Kenneland Concours d'Elegance. Read on for more.
Grapes, Not Hops: As much has he loves his beer, our entertainment columnist shares the four best local spots to indulge your inner wine-o.
Style and Substance – Lawyer Edition: While style is admittedly not this guy’s forte, he explains how you can have something even better, with or without the expensive suit.
7 Ways to Switch Up Spousal Gift-Giving: With a birthday, anniversary and holiday around every corner, getting a gift she’ll love gets increasingly difficult through the years. Read on for seven ideas to make it easier.

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