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Get to the Core(Strong)

What if exercising was less of a chore and more of a lifestyle? What if someone ran a metabolic test on you to customize your workouts? What if you started to see results when nothing else worked? Find out how one new gym is doing all of this and more.

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Fashion Meets Music Festival 2015: A two-day party of style and sound kicks off this weekend, attracting 40 musical acts and 25 fashion collections. We chat with the festival’s co-founder about what’s new this year and why you need to be there.
When to Replace Your Running Shoes: Fall is one of the best times to get outside for a run. But are your shoes ready? Our health expert offers tips for how to tell if your shoes are ready for a run ...or retirement.
Still More Car Shows to be Found: While most car shows take place in the spring and summer, September and October offer up a good number of shows all throughout the region. Our auto aficionado has all the details.
Introducing Craft Water: It's the best thing to happen to hops since, well, beer. Read on to learn about Hopwater, a new all-natural, low-calorie, vegan and gluten free craft soda that's being brewed up right here in the Tri-State.
Five Tips for the Perfect Home Office: As we work from home more and more, a functional home office is increasingly important. Read on for five tips from the experts to easily create the perfect productivity pod.
Workplace Wellness: Many employers are now offering Workplace Wellness plans, incentives and rewards to encourage healthy behaviors. But some proposed regulations that could change everything. Our legal columnist offers insight.
A Financial Boost for Americans with Disabilities: Those facing a disability-related savings challenge may benefit from a new law enacted. Our financial columnist offers details and insight on how to take advantage.

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