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2014 Holiday Wish List

2014 Holiday Wish List

Still have holiday shopping to do? Lucky you – we've assembled some of the best LOCAL gifts this holiday season from Cincinnati-area merchants. So take note, and get shopping!

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All That Matters This Christmas: Our Editor reviews his roller-coaster year and explains why the "ups" were well worth the "downs."
A Holiday Wish List for the Stylish Guy: Still looking for gift ideas for that stylish person on your list? Look no further! Here are a few local shops offering sartorial stocking-stuffers (and a few things you might want to keep for yourself!)
A Gift of Impact: Instead of just giving physical gifts, what if you could do something for yourself what will also impact the lives of those around you? It's easier than you might think. Read on to learn how!
All I Want for Christmas: Christmastime is all about making wishes and dreams coming true. What if we could see what the automotive landscape would look like if some failed US automakers had never gone out of business? What a wish come true that would be!
'Tis the Season... Again!: Need some last-minute gift ideas for the entertainment fans on your list? Look no further! Entertainment columnist Jeremy Fischer lays out some great ideas for the movie/music/theatre lover in your life!
All I Want for Christmas, Your Honor: The United States Supreme Court is arguably the most powerful branch of our government. Why is it the least accountable? Read on to learn a few things you might not already know about our nation's highest court.
Making the Most of Charitable Giving: The holidays are when many people decide to give back. Read on to learn five ways to get the most out of your charitable donations this year.
You are Entering... The Friend Zone: What happens when "one of the girls" is like "one of the guys," and wants to keep thing purely platonic? Jenn and Joe examine the possibility of keeping things friendly without anyone getting hurt.

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